Kalani Mission and Nonprofit Information


Kalani is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization presenting nature, culture, and wellness within sustainable, educational programs that honor Hawaii's native and diverse heritage.


Kalani co-creates a dynamic environment where all can thrive.

About our Programs

Kalani is the largest retreat center in Hawai‘i. We are uniquely set up as a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit. All proceeds from guest stays support education, recreation, and Hawaiian culture preservation here in the most under-served corner of Hawai‘i, the District of Puna.

Kalani has grown to become the largest provider of services in Puna – thanks to generous support from guests and donors.

Whether visiting us, supporting us from afar, or helping through one of our many programs, you are making a tremendous difference in this community. It is because of your support that we are able to provide more than 50 classes a week in yoga, wellness, Hawaiian culture, performing arts, and recreation, through our community center, EMAX. It is because of your support that we are able to provide much needed events, community meeting space, and extensive support for local community organizations.

Your support helps us to maintain six archeologically significant heritage sites, to ensure they receive the reverence they deserve, and share their story. Your support helps promote Hawaiian culture, a culture which was diminished over the past centuries, to flourish once again, through cultural programming, language and culture classes, and the stewarding of major festivals and events which give the cultural voice of our district a stronger platform.

And perhaps just as important, your visit supports an economic anchor in lower Puna. Kalani has helped the District of Puna to bring in further abundance, so the people who live here may thrive, and live healthier lives. More than 90% of every dollar spent at Kalani stays local on our island – much of it within Puna, including farmers, teachers, and artisans.

And finally, your support helps us to co-create a vibrant, thriving planet. One of the best-loved retreat centers in the world, Kalani has become a nurturing space for people to learn and grow. Your involvement enables us to create this safe container for exploration and growth. And, by attending to your own well-being, we know that your contributions to our planet will be impacted, part of the ripple effect that positively impacts our world.

For all of this, we are grateful. Mahalo!

Guiding Values: The Spirit of Aloha

The Kalani community puts an emphasis on understanding and appreciating Hawaiian culture. You may hear us chant two beautiful Hawaiian chants at our Monday morning community meetings, which invite us to E Ho Mai (let it flow), and to celebrate the values of the spirit of aloha.

Whether our spiritual path is influenced by Hawaiian culture or not is a personal choice, but we all make a point of deepening our awareness of those who came here before us.

Akahai, e na Hawai’i

Modest are the people of Hawaii; through careful planning and conservation we can live with the resources available to us for generations to come;

Lôkahi a ku like

We are unified, we work together in peace and harmony;

`Olu`olu ka mana’o

Pleasant are our thoughts, by being positive we create a positive, loving community;

Ha`aha`a kou kulana

We are humble, we need never feel insecure;

Ahonui a lanakila

With patience and perseverance we keep moving forward.

These are traits of character that express the charm, warmth and sincerity of Hawaii's people. It is the working philosophy of native Hawaiians and is presented as a gift to the people of Hawaii.

ʻAumakua: the Iʻo (hawk) and Honu (turtle)

The Iʻo and Honu symbolize Kalani's goal to move slowly forward with peace and compassion, while having a clear overview of what is necessary to prosper.

Through these ʻaumakua (guiding spirits) we are in touch with four Hawaiian connection points, which, when in agreement, lead to pono (fair, correct) decisions of benefit to self, community, our local and global homes:

Uhane - our connection to spirit.
- our rational thinking.
Pu'uwai - our heart - emotions and feelings.
Na`au - our navel center, or gut intuition.

Your Contribution

Kalani can always use a helping hand as we deliver our mission. Our many contributors have earned not only our gratitude, but the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped people locally and globally.

There are many ways that people choose to support Kalani:

Visit us! At Kalani, we consider you a guest of our community and therefore part of our ‘ohana during your stay. All proceeds from your stay support our nonprofit programming and services.

Volunteer! Our award-winning volunteer program provides a two or three month
immersive experience in our community. Contribute four days weekly to one of our
departments, with plenty of time to attend classes, attend to your personal well-being, and explore this thriving area.

Enjoy a Sabbatical! Our month-long sabbatical program is a gentle introduction to community living. Enjoy private accommodations and contribute two days a week to the operations of Kalani.

Become a Steward! You may enjoy Kalani so much that you want to live here, at least part of the year. Our stewards invest in Kalani, and are provided with an eco-cottage at a site of their choice to be used year-round.

Support us with a Donation! To support Kalani's mission with a contribution, call (800) 800-6886 or click the button below. Your contributions are tax-deductible - and secure!

However you choose to support Kalani - we are truly grateful.


Nonprofit Information

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we publish yearly and other reports to the County of Hawai`i, the State of Hawai`i, and the federal government. The documents below include some revisions of current documents.  Board members and all interested are welcome to review and send comments to [email protected].

IRS Form 990 for Year 2012

Kalani Honua Articles & Bylaws

Letters of Support,
Land Use Commission Application and
Kalani’s Drive to Help Hawai`i Thrive

Click here to review the LUC applications and see example Kalani letters of support from Hawai`i Leaders in the arts, agriculture, and more.