In praise of volunteers...

Authored by: 
Ayesha Gallion

Kalani Volunteers

Ayesha Gallion, here. I was an artist-in-residence at Kalani from July 28 to August 7. I wanted to write about Maya, one of your staff members who made my experience and research very memorable.

She was instrumental in introducing me, through gentle nudging, to emerge from my writer's solitude and find a balance through socializing more as well as partaking in some of the wonderful classes, such as hula and yoga, and watsu massage.

Through her positive prodding and intuitive nature, she truly did help me remember that sometimes creativity is fostered through movement and exploration -- rather than the constant drone of a computer's hum.

I think that this woman, who is nurturing, friendly, funny, has a special gift. I can't quite describe what umbrella this spirit and ability fall under. However, I can speak to the true physical and psychological results it has had upon me as well as others here. There is no doubt that Maya's magic translates into people taking full advantage of what Kalani has to offer.

Your staff really does bring to life the experience that visitors read about on the Kalani web site, assisting in making this a priceless journey.

Thank you again for selecting volunteers and staff who bring the best out of your visitors through being their best selves.