Finding Myself Here Part 3

Authored by: 
Jim Larsen

Jim Larsen

Recently I found myself with the unexpected glory of being named Kalani Volunteer of the Month. I wrote this in my journal as part of my Volunteer of the Month chronicle.

On Saturday, October 11, 2008 I was sitting on the lanai eating breakfast and I was drinking coffee and then I was eating an English muffin because I like English muffins and then I was drinking orange juice and I was sitting at one of the small tables where there are only four chairs and then these people sat down to join me and there was three of them so now the table was full. I didn't know them. I think they must have been guests or something. One of the people joining me was this girl and she had tattoos all over her arm like Kristin used to have but this wasn't Kristin because had left already by then, although I used to eat breakfast with Kristin at one of those small tables that only seat four people. Sometimes I miss Kristin, but then another girl shows up with tattoos on her arm and then I don't miss Kristin so much anymore.

Know who else I miss? Meghan who worked in the kitchen. She was nice to me and she was pretty and one time she cooked me a buffalo burger for lunch and it was good and then we had some ice cream for desert. So then these three people were talking to me, and I never did know their names because I didn't tell them mine first and I didn't know anything about them all much at all, except then one of them said if he ever had a son, no wait, that was the girl talking, she said if she had a son, she would name him Lucifer and I believed her. If anybody would name their son Lucifer it would be her. I think her name was Jill. Yeah. It was. One of the others called her that. I remember that. I didn't remember at first, but now I do. So I told Jill my story that if I ever had a son, I don't have any kids and I am glad, but if I did and the kid was mine, I would name him Darth. Darth Frodo Larsen. I don't know what he would grow up to be, anything he wanted, I guess.

I don't remember what else we talked about but I remember something about Mauna Kea coming up and the fact that rental car companies don't want you to take their cars up there. The dude with the hair piled on top of his head said that and then nobody else said anything on that subject and I didn't either and then I don't remember what else got talked about except I was thinking, I wonder what made these people decided to dine with me? I thought it was cool that they did, but you know, I just can't help wondering about these stuff like that, and like why is one of the Front of House Kitchen deep cleaning projects to clean the chairs under the tent because you get them wet and put them back in the dirt which is attracted magnetic-like to the water on the chairs that's still on them because they're not dry yet and so then you get mud and so those chairs are always going to be dirty no matter you do.

But then i figured it out why these three people chose to eat breakfast with me. It was so they could go back home to their family and friends and church groups and book clubs and all those people and tell the folks back home that they went to Hawaii and had a really really great dining experience having a tasty breakfast with the Kalani Volunteer of the month, and I am glad it could be me, because they were really cool people and I enjoyed their company.