Gary's poem

Authored by: 
Gary Schroeder
Gary Schroeder

The love of life shines in me like billions of stars.
Each star a person whose soul described the divinity.
As I look at each brightly light its luminosity outshines its name.
All I see is the uniqueness of its interaction with my universe.
Each one thinking they hide something from me, but they cannot.
The place where we are one cannot be hidden.
I see it as clearly as I see my hand because it is my hand and my fingers and my heart.
It’s me just as much.
I thank them for their part in the script we play together.
My character cannot play itself without all the others.
I rejoice of my good fortune to be part of this grand play and to me myself in the brilliant light of all those stars.
You, who sit in front of me, are those brilliant lights.
You are a facet in the diamond of pure mind.
Never apologize for who you are.
You are unique.
You are divine.
You are the essence of Love and of life.
I could not imagine an existence so mundane as one without you.
Thank you for everything you are.