Gone but not forgotten

Authored by: 
Charlie Bonnin

Charlie BonninOh, Kalani, an interesting place.
Where every turn,
Reveals a new face.

The balance that shifts over,
And over again.
Just when you had realized,
You had made a new friend.

It's time to go,
New places to be.
For some go back to their old life,
Their old reality.

Don't mourn their departure,
And don't mourn your leaving.
Just take what you have learned,
And store it for safe keeping.

For a moment you may feel a loss,
You may feel you can not cope,
And in bed you may toss.

Just take a deep breath,
Lie quiet and still.
Remember the palm trees,
Up on the hill.
The ocean's churning,
Mountains covered with snow.
Pele's eruptions,
The people you got to know.

With this thought,
In heart and mind.
You just might find,
That peaceful place,
Not even time can erase.

And when you are there,
Breath deep,
The remembered air.
Let go of your cares,
And smile at the moments
That you shared.