Just love it!!!

Authored by: 
Paul Mather


it feels like ages since i was there!!!

i just watched the new volunteer video because i miss the place so much, and it was phenomenal. i really, truly, and sincerely appreciate all of you very much for the reality you create at kalani. i know that every Monday you all get together and inspire one another...and i am not one for the lime light. However i just want to say;

when i came to kalani i was un-aware of what i was getting into. i didn’t know what i wanted out of life. i needed a change of scenery...a change of environment. For the first time in my life, i needed to open up to my community and really listen. i had always been pretty self-sufficient...pretty self indulging, and in general...really only looked out for number one. i had never been surrounded by such a large, passionate amount of beautiful individuals who truly displayed the humanity this world deserves!!!

Coming back to the (use the hand quotes :) "real world" has reminded me of the ignorance and impersonal world we can all find are selves in at times. Luckily, for all of us who can truly cherish the beauty and existence of a paradise within kalani, we can see the bigger picture, and be ecstatic about the tangible utopia it embodies.

Since leaving...not a day goes by i wish i could smell the rain, body surf on Sundays, feed kobo when i am not supposed to, be naked around thirty people and not think twice about it, eat fish and rice every day (and i never thought i would say that and mean it :) fall asleep to the orchestra of insects, travel on intense excursions (pick on Jeremy if he's there) swim, climb, hike, laugh and play the way i did there!!! In a place in this world where time does not matter with respect to health, well-being, pleasure, sincerity and personal growth; i can tell all of you...

Mather Brothers

...Cherish the moment you're in...Cherish the place you're in... Cherish the beautiful people that surround and support you from all sides at all times...talk to the people you haven't met already, do something nice for the people you already know. Go to a class you never saw yourself participating in.

your limits of what kalani offers, lies within your bounds to find it...and i can tell you from my own trip there...kalani doesn't change you!

But kalani shows you the best the humanity has to offer, and allows you the opportunity to dabble in the realms you are comfortable with to change yourself.

Please!!!! Just love it!!! Because those who are not there, wish they were there!