Authored by: 
Vicka Margulis

Vicka Margulis

I lay down in my a-frame, at noon, thinking
I have to leave kalani in a week
And the hassle and cars and people and the impressions of the mainland came flooding into my mind
And I felt myself tensing up and worrying about the future, about dealing with my family about the job market
And then it began to rain and the red curtain of my a-frame began moving gently with the wind,
I realized, but I am still here
I am in the jungle.
I have lived here for three months with my friends.
I live in a community.
I walked in one person, and walk out somewhat another.
Yet more myself.
The island did it to me.
The people around me did it to me.
I did it to myself.
I walked into lava caves
And stayed up late talking with friends
I sat in mystical beaches
I fell in love
I fell in love with myself
And absolutely everything and everyone around me.
I think I might be ready for the mainland.
But you never know.
I might have to come back really soon.