Volunteer Reflections

Authored by: 
Gerry Haddock

Gerry HaddockWhen packing your bags to come to Kalani as a volunteer please remember that on your return home things are going to be lighter. In particular your heart and your mind will be much lighter !! Much lighter due to the joy and peace which they will be infused with after spending some time at this special place called Kalani ( meaning 'Heaven' ).

But Kalani to me isn't just Heaven, it is like the Great Mother, providing her children with all their needs, caring for us in so many ways so that we can get on with the main task of being joyful and growing gracefully in her warm embrace. Sure there is work to do here and everyone works hard and diligently for each other taking pride in the service we provide to Kalani and the guests who enjoy this remarkable paradise on earth.

I am leaving Kalani after 3 months as a volunteer and will be returning to the United Kingdom not only lighter in spirit but richer for my experiences here. Richer in the knowledge that i am loved, richer in my spiritual practice and richer for meeting and knowing the generous, kind and fun loving people who live and volunteer here. Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo Kalani , you have changed my life for the better for ever!!!