Lessons from Kalani by Jaime

Authored by: 
Jaime Palmera

Jaime PalmeraI came to Kalani with about 10 books to read, but I never got past the first one. I was always happily distracted doing other things. There was always plenty of great conversations to have at the Lanai, by the pool, just walking around doing our work, everywhere. Last night I had a great conversation with two great friends Joe and Davey, and a stranger who quickly became a friend.
These final days have  been a rollercoaster of emotions, and that conversation help me see it all. Closure. It brought closure to my experience here.
I’ve been taught here what it takes to be happy, and the importance to be true to ourselves in our quest for love. All of you are part of me and happiness and gratitude embodies me for it.

No book can contain what we live here.
Learn from each other.
Share with each other your soul.
Open your heart and allow life into it.
I take you all of you and what we shared with me.
Even if I wasn’t very close, or without even talking to me, you where able to give me a lesson. ACCEPTANCE is the biggest lesson I learned. To accept ourselves as we are true to our deep solid and pure emotions.
Thank you all.