A state of bliss

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My ten days at Kalani were gloriously rich in so many ways - I was immersed in extravagant nature, surrounded by incredibly luscious tropical flowers and fruits, exotic plants, beautiful trees and elusive dragonflies. The well-worn cliche about the ripe fruits dropping off the trees was in fact true; I enjoyed many very ripe guavas and a few tasty mangoes. The huge mango tree at the Kalani entrance was bent double with its load of fruits, and quite symbolic of the abundance within.

LadybeeGuests have the rare privilege of swimming in a non-chlorinated Olympic size pool with two outdoor hot tubs and a lovely sauna nearby, all nestled in a garden setting with palm trees, flowers, and both Ganesha and a reclining Buddha looking on. I loved heating up in the sauna, then diving into the cool swimming pool, sans bathing suit. Just walking on the property was really enjoyable; there seemed always to be a new flower or tree to discover, and the varying elevations of the land provided a good workout. I loved sitting on the big front verandah, listening to crashing waves below while eating delicious local ice cream. I also liked the cozy lounge next to the office, where one could check email, read, or just relax in a comforting environment. Dining al fresco on the lanai was a great pleasure, not only because of the healthy, delicious food but also because one could survey the broad lawn with its flowering trees and happy birds while eating. The salad bar was fantastic, and what could be better then fresh local fruits - papaya, pineapple, soursop, mamey, bananas - at breakfast? The desserts were delicious as were the entrees. And the company was marvellous.

The staff, volunteers, and guests were seemingly in a state of bliss - virtually everyone greeted me, with a smile, when passing and conversation flowed freely. Being at Kalani, in such a lush environment, seems to bring out the best in everyone. I certainly felt great every day I was there, and the intimacy of happy people in nature was lovely to experience. My greatest thrill was being close to big hawksbill sea turtles at several nearby beaches - I was able to swim with them, look at them closely, and just sit near them in awe.

The water, the lava, the plants and the flowers all seemed to conspire to enchant me - and the trade winds helped, too. Kalani is truly heaven on earth, and I hope to return this summer for more. As I write this from San Francisco, I miss it all keenly.

Mahalo and Aloha - LadyBee