Sentiments from Samuel

Authored by: 
Samuel Hogarth

Samuel HogarthAloha my beautiful Ohana,

It's very different being in the UK, it's flipping freezing here.

I want to express to you all what my Kalani time meant to me and what you all mean to me.

I am very grateful for every person I met in Kalani, you all helped and supported me on my path, taught me new things and helped me to realise things I already knew.

I have made strong, deep, lasting friendships with beautiful people. I have gained a home in Hawai'i, a place where I know I can go and be welcomed, be happy, be peaceful. All of the Ohana work together to make Kalani a wonderful place to live and the result is inspiring.

I have gained a higher state of happiness than ever before in my life. I have decided that wherever I am in the world, every day I am going to live Aloha.

Mahalo nui loa for Kalani, the realm where dreams become reality, and mahalo for every person who helped to create it and who helps to continue it.