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Friday, January 25, 2008

Kalani `Ohana

Bell BurningOn the evening of January 1, 2008, in a brilliant display, the Wishing Bell - Burning Basket of New Beginning, met it's final conclusion through fire. The hanging bell was woven with locally gathered natural materials, and filled with the written intentions that were placed inside. All of the heartfelt messages, inside and out, were released through the sparks and flames that drifted up into the starry night sky.

This collaborative woven basket sculpture, at Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii, was the 10th in a series of similar community interactive art projects facilitated my Mavis Muller, Homer Alaska, and due in part to funding from the Black Rock Arts Foundation, San Francisco, CA.

Mavis Muller

Art facilitator Mavis Muller added the finishing touches to the large woven basket sculpture before it is ignited. The origami paper whales were created by elementary students in Homer, Alaska, and sent to Hawaii as a gift to be placed on this burning basket sculpture with wishes for a safe journey for the humpback whales that migrate from Alaska to Hawaii.

Thanks to all who contributed unique efforts and talents toward the ambiance of the evening, including fire spinning artists Maxwell and Julia, traditional Hawaiian chanting by Kimo, drummers, and hand-painted luminaria by Shola.

Julia firespinningMaxwell firespinning

May the warmth of the memories we shared keep us illuminated and connected.

Something has ended.
Something has begun.

Learn more about the Burning Basket Project at www.mavismullerart.com


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kalani `Ohana

Winter SolsticeUnder the direction of Mavis Muller, an Artist-in-Residence from Alaska, a team of volunteers collaborated in the weaving of a large 'wishing bell' basket which was installed in the Buddha Grove.

After a dedication ceremony in the afternoon, with poems, chants and story weaving, Mavis and volunteers created a spiral luminaria, each beautifully adorned with an original bamboo painting by Shola.

After the nearly-full moon rose on the Winter Solstice, volunteers danced in a rhythmic procession through the lighted spiral to celebrate the Solstice and the new installation.

May the warmth of the memories we shared keep us illuminated and connected. May the energy generated that night spiral ever outward with the spirit of aloha!

Wishing Bell Invitation

Wishing BellAll are invited to interact with this woven 'wishing bell'
in your own personal way.

Decorate the outside with found objects from nature.

Use the materials provided in this box, leaves and markers.
(Please close it again when you are finished.)

Write down your wishes.

Write your sentiments on a leaf, or paper fold it up and tuck it inside the basket in the theme of:

  • manifestation for the upcoming year;

  • wishes for wellness for yourself, loved ones, for all of creation;

  • things you are grateful for;

  • anything that you would like to release, to make way for new beginnings, etc.....

On January 1, 7:30 pm, at this location, the Buddha Grove,
the 'wishing bell' basket will meet it's conclusion through fire.
The basket will burn, respectfully releasing all of your heartfelt messages.

Something has ended. Something has begun.

This interactive art project is facilitated by Mavis Muller, Homer, Alaska, and is the tenth in a series. mavismullerart.com

by Mavis Muller

symbol of abundance,
food for the present,
seeds for the future.
With the corn rattle,
we lift and scatter,
to all the directions,
the needs and desires,
of all humanity,
and all of creation,
we do this with trust,
knowing in our hearts,
that we will be provided for.

symbol of gratitude,
opening hearts,
expanding compassion.
With the gourd rattle,
we lift and scatter,
to all the directions,
our joyful gratitude,
for the blessings in our lives,
the beauty of our purpose,
the bounty of the Earth.
we do this with love,
our ultimate treasure.