12-12-12 Documentary Screening

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12-12-12 Documentary Screening
Friday, March 29, 2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim
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The 24 minute documentary film tentatively titled, Gift Culture: Bridging Heaven to Earth is about connecting to our communities and understanding divine participation in creating our new world. The 12.12.12 festival took place in Puna from December 12, 2012 and culminated on the ever anticipated December 21, 2012 winter solstice. 

The Maya people as well as many other indigenous cultures, including the Hawaiian culture, share certain prophecies about this time we are in now, a true paradigm shift of the world we thought we knew. 

This documentary serves to highlight the community in Puna, to show an example of how to be fully activated and alive together in this new world we are co-creating. Festivals are training grounds for us to share and learn together, in celebration, ceremony, healing, and play. 

Leading the way in sustainable living in harmony with each other and the natural world, the community members of Puna, Hawaii, share the wisdom of the Aloha spirit, within us all. 

Featuring music by up and coming inspirational singer/songwriter, Mary Isis, Scott Huckabay, Tubby Love.

This documentary would not have manifested without the extraordinary efforts and contribution of Mika Kiburz, an award winning documentary film maker who resides on Big Island. Through her film production company From the Void Productions, she produces a wide range of films exploring and finding heart in our complex human condition.

Admission: Donations at the door will be matched by Kalani - all proceeds assist with the final editing and release of this beautiful documentary of our community.