"As Above , So Below" with Anela Strings

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"As Above , So Below" with Anela Strings
Friday, June 14, 2013 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Kristin Aria & Irminsul

For Anela Strings, it’s always been first and foremost about the music. How to approach making sound so that it is not only effective in raising awareness, but beautiful in the pursuit.

Since their inception in late 2010, Anela Strings has fashioned their musical speech into a synthesis of guided sound meditation and chordal free flow, allowing the emergence of “modes” rather than strictly formatted songs. 

Modes are palettes of sounds and attitudinal expressions, from which an unlimited number of pieces can emerge. Often, they perform these improvisationally, and for particular persons or events at the moment. Keeping the music “living” in this way allows a stronger and more vital connection to Source - the lifespring of Anela Strings’ music.

About Kristin Aria & Irminsul

Kristin began playing piano at age 5. During a summer visit to her grandmother a few years later she met a traveling Celtic harpist at the inn her grandmother owned. At first touch, she knew this would be the instrument she would play. She continued lessons on that harp until age 16.

In college she studied art and music, and at that time began composing songs
that she often performed in coffee houses and events in the area. She branched
out to learn guitar at that time also, with folk songs, the blues, and a fascination
for Ragtime music. 

In 2009 she met Irminsul on the Big Island, and was planing on being the
percussionist for a band he was forming. When she realized he was a Celtic
harpist himself, it became clear that she could play both the harp and the drum
and compose music, which led to the birth of the band ANELA STRINGS.

Irminsul is a native of Utah, and first exhibited musical prowess at the age of 6 when he reproduced, by ear, a song on the piano he heard his mother playing. He went on to study classical piano and composition, and won several piano competitions before entering university.

He released his first harp and keyboard recording “The Dragon’s Tongue” in 1995. He followed it up with several other releases with friend and colleague David Sharp from Idlewild fame, in recordings called “Tavern on The Moor ”, “The Wild Geese” and “Blarney Pilgrim”, and “The Song of Fionula”.

In 2000 he joined famed neoCeltic band Stonecircle, and is featured on their relases“Alchemy”, “In Concert”, and “Winter Sky”. In 2009, he moved to Hawaii’s Big Island, and with music partner Kristin Aria, came
upon “Ascension Music”, which they continue to develop today for Anela Strings.

: $15 at the door