Deep Love : Becoming Medicine For Our Times with Jack Adam Weber

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Deep Love : Becoming Medicine For Our Times with Jack Adam Weber
Friday, August 9, 2013 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Jack Adam Weber


Join us for an in-depth presentation on Earth-centered spirituality. Our presenter, Jack Adam Weber, will discuss how the time-honored metaphors of holistic medicine can be used to profoundly heal ourselves and our world. In these times of ecological peril, each of us, as Earth Citizens, is charged with the challenge to uncover our deep care for one another the Earth. This evening will be an inspirational, heartfelt call to participate in birthing a new humanity and a new world. There will be a short break after the main presentation, followed by a sacred space reading from Jack’s upcoming new book of poetry. Proceeds from the event will be used for local activism to resist Geothermal development in Puna.
About Jack Webber. 
Jack Adam Weber is a published poet, author, and Chinese medicine physician in California and on the Big Island of Hawaii.  He also manages his organic farm and is a passionate voice in the sustainability movement. Jack graduated valedictorian from Chinese medical university in 2000; his specialty is digestive health and employing the metaphorical system of the Five Elements to help patients discover creative solutions to what is blocking their vitality and fulfillment. He speaks and offers workshops on holistic medicine, deep ecology and poetry for personal and planetary transformation. His books, artwork, and fascinating integration of holistic medicine with the creative life is all at   

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