Evolver Series: Day of Action

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Evolver Series: Day of Action
Friday, August 24, 2012 - 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Evolver Puna

In association with The Evolver Network, this series of monthly events aims to cultivate collaboration within community.
Each month features a different theme and a different style of event as a means to explore each theme. From speaker presentations to open forums, film screenings, spiritual practices, classes, ceremony, and conscious dances, we welcome you to come together and explore a new frontier in social change and conscious evolution.
This month's theme: Day of Action

Join the Evolver Puna regional group for an inspiring evening as we kick-start a local collective and online resource database to help our community thrive!

All are welcome: artists, farmers, tech specialists, healers, programmers, permaculturists, musicians, yogis, designers, massage therapists, dancers, and whatever else your interest may be.
If you run a business, practice, or organization whose values align with the mission of The Evolver Network, we welcome you to come share, participate, and integrate within a newly forming community that fosters collaboration over competition.
We believe that by being in tune with our individual passions and purposes, and sharing our resources with a diverse community of others, our accomplishments will be bound only by the depth of our dreams.
Over the last 3 years, Evolver Spores have spread across the US and abroad, carrying the seeds of a new planetary culture. More than 40 regional groups have sprouted up during this time, taking action to manifest the world they want to create. So far, we've seen Spores initiate alternative currencies, beach clean-ups, healing circles, permaculture gardens, eco-festivals, the building of Earthships, renegade gardening, community foresting, and more.
This month, the Evolver Social Movement continues its mission to create tangible change, as Spore chapters engage in a collective Day of Action, spearheading projects and activities that positively transform their communities.

Admission: Free - Donations Gratefully Accepted

RSVP and find more information at our Facebook event page.

Learn more about The Evolver Network here.