Great Films for a Great Cause: Laughing Club of India

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Great Films for a Great Cause: Laughing Club of India
Friday, June 7, 2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Great Film:  
This delightful, infectious film portraits the first laughing club in India, its founding by a doctor who believes that laughter is the best medicine. The film documents his outreach to schools, interviews with club members, scenes of outdoor sessions, and shots of billboards and street scenes in contemporary Mumbai. Club members gather, stretch, and start to laugh.  
Founder Dr. Madan Kararia talks of the club's history and the growth of laughing clubs across the country. Among those interviewed, there's a stockbroker, three bawdy women, a musician, a widow laughing to cope with grief, and two old men - friends since school days who meet daily to laugh. No form, no fuss: happiness equals health.
NOTE: Last month we promoted this film but showed "Happy" in it's time slot. The DVD has now arrived on island so be sure to join us for this delightful film!  
The Great Cause:

Surfing Yogis is an international tribe of environmentally conscious surfers originally founded in Orissa, India. 

With the help of international aid, we seek to spread the sport of surfing throughout India in order to reconnect the youth with the five elements, raising their environmental awareness and empowering them with a platform upon which they can create ecological change

Admission by donation - $5-10 sliding scale.