Great Films for a Great Cause: The World According to Monsanto

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Great Films for a Great Cause: The World According to Monsanto
Friday, May 23, 2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm

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Monsanto is the largest global company that produces agricultural products: pesticides, hormones in raising animals, and genetically modified soybean seeds, corn and other crops. The World According to Monsanto charts award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin’s three-year journey across four continents to uncover the disturbing practices of multinational agribusiness corporation.

The film exposes the shocking story of how the new “green” face of the world’s leading producer of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is no less malign than its PCB—and Agent Orange—soaked past. Monsanto currently controls the majority of the yield of the world’s genetically modified corn and soy—ingredients found in more than 95 percent of American households—and its alarming legal and political tactics to maintain this monopoly are the subject of worldwide concern, with baleful consequences for the world’s small-scale farmers. The World According to Monsanto is positioned to increase awareness of a serious threat to our food supply.

The Great Cause: The local non-profit for this months film is Hawaiian Sanctuary, an Eco-Rejuvenation center.
Hawaiian Sanctuary, 501c3, is an educational non-profit that promotes health and wellness through outreach in permaculture, cleansing programs and community experiences on East Hawaii.   We are committed to earning abundant medicinal foods through the rebuilding of Puna soils.  PLUS the practice of nurturing the aina relates to tending to the body's internal terrain for optimal health..As Above, So Below. 

Learn with us and visit for program info. Toll free: 1-800-309-8010