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Hawaiian Culture Event - Kahu Kahealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda
Friday, June 28, 2013 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Kahu Kahealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda

Kahu Kāhealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda, a respected elder will be offering her aloha and her mana’o on the Hawaiian Olelo No’eau. ‘A ‘ohe pau ka’ike I ka halau ho ‘okahi (All knowledge is not taught in one school) and sharing experientially Ho’oponopono Kukulukumuhana, The Pooling of Healing Mana, strengths, emotional, psychological and spiritual for a shared purpose, mutual coming together on all levels To Set Things Right.
Kahu is a Ho’oponopono ‘I’ike/Ho’omanamana  practitoner and is initiated into the Sacred Breath of Ha. She comes from a lineage of Kahu and is  the second college graduate in her family. She is kumu’ola, and coming from traditions of kahuna lapa’au is one of the pioneers of Holistic Dentistry since 1980,  the bridge between science, spirituality and ancient Hawaiian wisdom from a lineage that Knows No Separation and Believes in No Division.

About Kahu Kahealani Kawaiolamanaloa Satchitananda 

Kahu is founding director of Hale Malamalama Ola Pono Hawaaiian Holistic Health and Wellness Center and Day Spa. She is author in the #1 Best Selling “Thank God I” anthology book series, “Pele’s Blessings, Dancing in the Fires of Yoga and Ke Ala ‘I’ike, The Leagacy of Spiritual Nobility, Love & Power”, Na’au Healing Therapies for Mind, Body & Soul, The Subtle Sacred Secrets of Aloha, performs Hawaiian weddings, vow renewals, rites of passage and blessings and offers counseling for individuals, and families wanting to “Live Their Best Life,” creating greater Pono, wealth, health, peace, success, and fulfillment, Living Life in Paradise Retreats and 7-Day Sacred Ceremony Transformational Cruises in the Hawaiian Islands by perpetuating, protecting and preserving Hawaiian cultural values of returning to the PONO.

She offers selfless service in prayer ministries, churches and organizations Healing the Hawaiian Heart in substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, molestation programs. She stands onipa’a 100% in her kuleana to the healing transformation, self-empowerment and awakening of humanity

Kalani's series of Hawaiian Culture Events feature a different Hawaiian cultural practitioner who speaks and shares 'ike (wisdom) through talk story, hō`ike`ike (demonstration), or hana`ana (performances).

These Hawaiian Culture Events provide a unique forum where Hawai`i and its peoples can come together and share cultural knowledge, customs, and aloha to all willing to receive.

Admission: Donations Gratefully Accepted