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Hawaiian Culture Event - Desmon Haumea
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Desmon Haumea

About Desmon Haumea
Immerse yourself with Desmon Antone Haumea Kumu A'o, best known for his knowledge of the Hawai'ian and Pacific Island Culture. Voyage with Desmon through the sweet sounds of his musical talents, his strong discipline of family practices & traditions and unique Polyneisan cultures and protocols.

As a crew member of our Kupuna Kokule'a, Desmon will place you on a virtual voyaging canoe as you gain an insight of what is required to achieve wholeness and wellness as a practitioner of the Hawai'i Island Culture. 

Kalani's series of Hawaiian Culture Events feature a different Hawaiian cultural practitioner who speaks and shares 'ike (wisdom) through talk story, hō`ike`ike (demonstration), or hana`ana (performances).

These Hawaiian Culture Events provide a unique forum where Hawai`i and its peoples can come together and share cultural knowledge, customs, and aloha to all willing to receive.

Admission: Donations Gratefully Accepted