Inochino Shima - Spirit of Island

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Inochino Shima
Sunday, February 3, 2013 - 8:00pm - 9:00pm


Inspired by visiting whales and their whale song, husband and wife team Ema and Esou composed their song "Inochino Shima" and will perform it at Kalani to our live audience. 

Ema was inspired when whales migrated around Tokashiki Island near Okinawa, where she was visiting with a group of musicians. Ema was given a recording of whales singing in the ocean and when she listened she received words for the song.

 " Those who know Love let live this planet (Earth), Those who know love are living with this Island"


She imagined..."Maybe Whales have been sending us like this message during traveling Ocean all over the Earth". 

With the help of many musicians, Ema and Esou completed their song and are traveling and performing at festivals and intimate events. We are pleased to host them and we warmly invite you to participate. 

Admission: Free / Donations Welcome