Life Applied Film Theory

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Life Applied Film Theory
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Bryan Brey

How many of you have heard the adage "Art imitates Life" and "Life imitates Art" ? 
How many of you live it?
You are invited find out just how true and profoundly Life Imitates Art by attending our thought expanding presentation of Spoiler Alert: Life Applied Film Theory by Bryan Nova Brey. Bryan will share how dynamics of film theory, such as Hero's Journey, Virgin's Tale, Archetypes, Story Beats, genres and story patterns can provide insight to what we find entertaining on screen and captivating in our real life. Some dynamics such as Suspense and Conflict are essential for film, yet can be debilitating for life. Learn what story patterns have played out in your life so that you can have your main character win in both art and life.   
About Bryan Brey

Bryan Nova Brey loves to delve into mysteries to discover timeless truth, get things done and lead the charge. While mostly done through imagination and creative expression, now is the time for us all to bring forward our unique gifts and talents. Bryan recognizes our shared blank canvas and our desire to bring our most authentic expression forward, to be seen, heard, felt and understood. 

Admission: Donations gratefully accepted