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Stunning prints by artist and Kalani co-founder Richard Koob.
The Second Annual Kalani Performing Arts Festival (KPAF2)
Color, celebration and smiling faces lit up the Kalani grounds during this year's Ānuenue Freedom Festival.
Kalani's happy volunteers hanging out at the Buddha
Remarkable Photos of Kalani 2011 by Jesse Torrey
Our winter group of volunteers with our new yoga statue...
Kalani is building new eco-friendly cottages. See the latest photos!
Our fall group of volunteers...
Photos of the Kalapana lava flow by Gary Schroeder.
Our summer group of volunteers!
Pele's lava is on the move...
There was lots of fire at the Anuenue Festival, and photographer Venetia Featherstone-Witty captured some incredible images.
Photos of people enjoying Kalani's Anuenue Freedom Festival July 2010, taken by guest photographer Dan Ashley
Various photos of the Anuenue Freedom Festival 2010, held on July 4th & 5th.
The first Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress, hosted by Kalani.
The ancient style of hula, called hula kahiko, is a high-voltage performance with chants and drums. Sometimes the whole stage vibrates with the dancer's steps!
The modern form of hula, `auana, is performed with music played by some of the best musicians in Hawai`i. `Auana is playful, beautiful, and fun!
In celebration of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, Kalani holds hula workshops and hawaiian arts classes. Here are pictures of the performance on the last day.
When the pink tecoma tree bursts into bloom, it seems that everything else does, too!
An extravaganza of art, sculpture, performance and experiences: Kalani's art show.
A favorite place to meditate at Kalani is the Buddha Grove, where the changing light offers so many moods for contemplation...
Michael Amster and his underwater camera is back! Along with some beautiful above-water shots, too.
From time to time Kalani places an ad in a catalog or magazine. Most of you don't get to see them, but we think they're fun to look at!
A special spot just down the road from Kalani
See what makes Kalani so beautiful in the summer
In this season of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, Pele's dancing lava is still the inspiration...
A photographer catches up with Kalani's hula dancers...
Kalani is full of beautiful and inspirational art. Take a tour of the art works we live with and treasure.