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"Kalani is a place of acceptance. I learned to love and enjoy myself for who I am, because in coming here I finally found a space where I could be myself. Thank you Kalani!"
- Sarah, Repeat guest and participant in Kalani women's circle events

"I was so nervous before I arrived because I didn't know what to expect. Now my stay is nearly over and I have made so many new friends from all over the world... I don't want to go home!"
- Naoko, Kalani volunteer from Japan

"Everyone was so loving and accepting towards me during my stay at Kalani. Coming here felt just like coming home."
- Aaron, Kalani guest and participant in the Men's Yoga Retreat

"It was great to be in a place where transgender bodies are safe and accepted. There's not a lot of places where we are welcomed and unquestioned. Thank you!"
- Rolan, Kalani guest and participant in the Men's Naked Yoga retreat

What is Kalani?

People from all walks of life visit Kalani to enjoy culture and wellness within the breathtaking, natural surrounds of Hawaii's Big Island.

We are honored to hold a loving retreat space that welcomes guests and volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, cities, countries, and sexual preferences.

The name Kalani Honua means harmony of heaven and earth, and this is what we aspire to. We welcome all in the spirit of aloha and remain guided by the Hawai'ian tradition of 'ohana (extended family), respecting our divesity yet sharing in unity.

Kalani offers a range of retreats, workshops and group vacations that cater specifically to different niches within the community at large. Our weekly schedule of 50+ classes in yoga, wellness, dance, Hawaiian culture, and more also caters to a diverse range of interests and preferences. On-site accommodation options are available to meet all budgets, from single occupancy cottages, tree houses, shared-lodging, and campgrounds.

Currently we offer tailored programming for the following communities:

Click on the above links to read more about Kalani's community-specific tailored workshops, read previous guest experiences, and learn more about the welcoming environment that people fall in love with during their stay at Kalani.

Are you seeking to facilitate a group, vacation, or retreat at Kalani?

Kalani's goal is to encourage each individual to flourish in the joyous expression of the inherent diversity that is unique in all beings.

We invite facilitators to contact us via the Lead a Workshop page to discuss workshops that service the needs of all communities, including those not currently listed on this page.

Kalani also regularly hosts retreats for Japanese, foreign, LGBT groups, sport teams, spiritual and yoga schools and dance troupes who travel to Hawaii for major meets, competitions, and gatherings.

Whether you would like Kalani to facilitate your gathering, or your group would simply prefer to enjoy and unwind at Kalani during its time in Hawaii, click here to contact us about tailoring the perfect retreat for your group today.

Kalani supports local and global LGBT groups

Since 1975, co-owner, founder and Director Richard Koob and the Kalani staff and board have presented diversity appreciation programs in Hawaii's schools and communities. We have also conducted and participated in fundraisers for Hawaii's HIV/AIDS organizations, and contributed to and participated in major events including the Gay Games, the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatic Championships, Gay Naturists International, California Men Enjoying Naturism, the Billy Club, Faerie gatherings, Maenner Naturlich, gay pride parades, and more.

Kalani also hosts the annual Ānuenue Freedom Festival, the Big Island's major annual Pride celebration.