National Geographic has announced that the world’s population just reached 7 billion and is likely to climb to 9 billion in the next 33 years. In the past 10 years the US Census reports that Hawai`i Island’s population grew by 25% to 185,000. Kalani strives to be a model for meeting this growth with safe, productive, sustainable living.
This draft 2012-2042 plan for State LUC approval expands on the County’s Special Use and Special Management Area permits for Kalani Honua (1980, red border) and Kalani Kai (2002, fuchsia border), by adding 7 retreat units to the approved 13, and adding an Eco-Village Center (lower left), to the combined 120 acres.
The Eco-Village Center is designed to support the interests of five area communities (Kikala Keokea, Kehena, Palisades, Seaview and Kalani) for safety (Fire Dept, clinic), recreation, supplies, dining, culture and arts. The plan calls for solar vehicle recharging, park&ride, and cooperative ownership by local farmers, vendors, and Kalani.
The Kalani 30 year sustainability plan is based on cooperative ownership of the land and all improvements rather than subdividing into individually owned lots (below). With LUC special use approval the Kalani Kai 94 acres would result in 1/3 the density of being subdivided into 3 acre lots (per below) and 1/15 the density of Seaview.
Even with complete build out, at the rate of one Retreat unit per year, or 20 years, plus perhaps 10 years to complete the Village Center, new Assembly and Pool areas, still less than 10% will be structures over 90% of the āina will be agriculture, including preserved forest, heritage sites, organic orchards, gardens, pasture, aquaculture.
Upon completion over 5 miles of hiking trails will include 3 miles of farm roads. Due to the porous land’s excellent natural drainage, roads and parking lots will be primarily of natural grass, gravel and cinder, with only minimal use of fossil fuel based asphalt. Shared vehicles and group airport shuttles minimize traffic impact.
Kalani - your Hawaiian retreat center erupting with transformative aloha spirit. Kalani strives to help Hawai`i thrive, by supporting residents and visitors with nature, culture and wellness educational programs, economy-boosting social enterprises, and agrarian community living -- in concert with Hawaii’s 2050 sustainability goals.