Communicate and Relate

Create a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle:
 Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique

Carol P. Prentice, Michael Frederick,
Chase Bossart & Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart

Immerse yourself in this rare and special opportunity . . .

About the Facilitator(s)

Carol P. Prentice

Carol Prentice has a passion for working with and helping others heal themselves. If given the right tools, she believes that you can heal and transform your own life. At a very young age, she experienced a traumatic back injury and was forced to rely on the western ways of surgery and medication to ease her pain. This experience led her to a lifelong pursuit of healing herself and in teaching the Alexander Technique, Ayurveda, and Yoga. Carol graduated from Alexander Training Institute in San Francisco under the direction of Frank Ottiwell in 1986; she furthered her studies with first generation Alexander Teachers Marjorie Barstow, Walter & Dilly’s Carrington, and Marjory Barlow. Carol is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist (Ayurveda Body Therapies) and a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda, where she is currently a faculty member. Carol has been a student of yoga since the early 80’s, but it wasn’t until she met Mr. TKV Desikachar in 2009, that she experienced the true healing side of yoga. She is a graduate of the Healing Yoga Foundation in S.F., a 500-hour teacher-training program in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. As Ayurveda and Yoga are the sister sciences to each other, Carol along with her Alexander training has developed a hands-on approach to working with these 3 systems of learning to help empower people in their own process of healing. or

Chase Bossart

Chase Bossart, M.A. is a longtime personal student of Mr. T.K.V. Desikachar. A daily-life practitioner with deep theoretical understanding and a clear, warm and engaging presentation style, Chase uses humor and practical examples to make the teaching experiential and accessible. He has extensive experience in the therapeutic application of yoga in the tradition of S’ri T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar. Chase is the former Director of Therapy & Education at the non-profit Healing Yoga Foundation ( in San Francisco. He gives frequent workshops on a broad range of yoga topics throughout the U.S. and especially loves to lead experiential workshops demonstrating yoga philosophy’s practical applications in daily life. More can be found on his website

Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart

Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart holds a Masters Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Mt. Madonna Institute. She completed the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Healing Yoga Foundation. Elizabeth has a private practice, Sukha Wellness, located on Union St. in San Francisco. She is currently a Teacher Intern for Mount Madonna institute. With a decade of teaching experience, Elizabeth leads and co-leads talks, workshops and retreats in the Bay Area and around the US. More can be found on her website at:

Michael D. Frederick

Michael Frederick is an internationally recognized teacher in the field of Psycho-physical Re-education. He trained as an Alexander Teacher in England with Walter Carrington and in America with Marjorie Barstow, both master teachers trained by F. M. Alexander. Michael studied in the U.S. and Israel as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Since 1974, Michael as extensive Yoga training in both the U.S. and India with the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar.  He is the founding director of the first three International Congresses on the Alexander Technique and has organized over 150 workshops in the U.S. and Europe since 1978. Michael was voted best Alexander Teacher in Los Angeles magazine’s “Best of LA”.


Workshop Fees

Contact Carol Prentice 
Phone: 800-676-1458 or 530-559-2873

Email: [email protected]

Workshop Fee Information

Important Pricing Information: Our program prices are income-related. When you book, please choose the low, medium, or higher priced list, based on your personal income. The choice is yours. We want to ensure that our course is accessible to people of diverse means. If you cannot afford the lowest program, please contact Carol Prentice. Limited work/study is available as well as a payment plan.

Early Bird Registration Fee
 Tuition only: Paid by July 8

Lower: $975.00, Medium: $1325,  Higher: $1550.00.
(Pricing for Room and Board is separate. Please see list below.)

Late Registration Fee
 Tuition only: Paid after July 8

Lower: $1075.00, Medium: $1425, Higher: $1650.00.
(Pricing for Room and Board is separate. Please see list below.)

Discounts offered:

$200.00 tuition discount for full time students. This applies for students in a 3-year teacher training program, a college or university or high school.

Accommodation fees:

Kalani is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity. Your stay here supports their educational mission, preservation of ancient Hawaiian cultural sites, and the development of a model sustainable community.
Included: Accommodation as selected below, all meals at Kalani, use of Kalani facilities.
Not Included: Airport transfers, and flights to/from Hilo airport (ITO.) Continental Airlines has direct flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Hilo; Hawaiian Airlines, and go! Mokulele both offer intra-island service between Honolulu and Hilo.

Current accommodation rates:

Includes five (5) nights and three (3) meals per day.
For room descriptions, please visit the Kalani website.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage $ 875 $ 1375
5 - Tropical Loft $ 750 $ 1075
4 - Tree House Room $ 750 $ 1075
3 - Bungalow Room $ 650 $ 875
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 575 $ 825
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 495 $ 675

Prices subject to change without notice.

Yoga for Every BODY

Kimberly Dark

About the Facilitator(s)


Kimberly Dark is a master facilitator who has led groups to awareness and understanding on three continents over the past twenty years. In addition to teaching yoga since 1999, she’s a writer and storyteller whose work has been invited to hundreds of colleges, universities, theatres, festivals and conferences. Her yoga classes focus on strength, balance, flexibility and peace for every body – an ability to practice radical self-love and acceptance while learning the skills of peace and cultural transformation. She blogs regularly for Huffington Post and Ms. Magazine in addition to contributing essays and stories about personal and cultural transformation via body acceptance to a variety of books and publications.

Kimberly uses an Iyengar-style training and more than twenty years experience with diverse yoga practices to challenge and welcome students of every ability and body type. She has taught yoga styles ranging from vinyasa, yin and restorative to prop-assisted hatha yoga for people who don’t feel comfortable in fitness settings due to size, health or anxiety. Her classes encourage personal sovereignty, inner voice and an entitlement to health and vibrancy at all sizes, ages and abilities.

Listen to a story here about teaching yoga-

(This performance was for a 2012 Canadian Obesity Conference, where she was an invited speaker.)


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage $ 1850 $ 2375
5 - Tropical Loft $ 1650 $ 1975
4 - Tree House Room $ 1650 $ 1975
3 - Bungalow Room $ 1650 $ 1975
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1525 $ 1775
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 1095 $ 1575

Kama`aina Rate - $400 (no meals included). Offsite participants can buy meals a la carte and enjoy Kalani's pool, hot tubs and sauna.

Prices subject to change without notice.

igolu Expanded Personal Power & Wholeness Intensive

Susanne Conrad

April 9, 2014 - April 15, 2014

Participants engage in a dynamic integrated curriculum fusing the first nine igolu leadership principles and the groundbreaking Gems of Excellence work. This intensive will be a five day, six night developmental adventure and will include some hiking, nature, movement and MANY leadership breakthroughs.

Participants can expect to leave the intensive feeling empowered and inspired to take on their own lives by:

About the Facilitator(s)

Susanne Conrad has worked with companies and individuals for over 25 years, helping them improve their interpersonal and business skills to achieve happier personal and professional lives. She is the founder of the igolu movement, a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training work.

Susanne is dynamically involved with the renowned leadership development program at lululemon athletica and holds the affectionate title of “Director of Possibility.” In this role, Susanne coaches a multi-year personal development program for executives and managers within the company, helping them become strong communicators and powerful leaders.


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

$2400 per person; $1700 for reviewers. (All room rates will be the same—we will assign roommates and rooms)

Inner Asana: Aligning With Your Life Purpose

Sara Falugo, Lori Snyder, and Karen Harris, M. Div.

About the Facilitator(s)

Karen Harris, M.Div.

Karen brings the philosophical and spiritual teachings of India vividly to life through her lively and inspirational teachings. Empowered by decades of study and spiritual practice, years of travel in India, Nepal, and Tibet, more than ten years of university lecturing, and a Harvard degree in Spiritual Leadership, Karen’s teaching has the power to awaken confidence, clarity, and intuitive understanding.

Lori Snyder, E-RYT, infuses her Vinyasa classes with a heartfelt joy for the way this practice can help remind us of who we truly are…as well as with a mix of rockin’ music. She has studied with her primary teacher, Max Strom, since 1996, and is happily indebted to her first teacher, Steve Ross, for showing her you were allowed to turn up the music and laugh during yoga. Lori’s classes are known for intelligent sequencing, philosophies of kindness, and eclectic soundtracks.


 Sara Falugo began practicing yoga at Brian Kest's Power Yoga in Santa Monica more than ten years ago. In 2006 she trained with the beloved Don and Amba Stapleton, receiving her teacher's certification in Interdisciplinary Yoga from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. The following year she completed the Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 4 training in Tucson, AZ. After having spent six years traveling, meditating, studying and teaching, Sara has settled back into the Venice/Marina area.

Her classes are gentle and meditative, and it is her intention to hold a space for all who are practicing to tune into the present moment in a loving and non-judgmental manor and to align with their highest selves.


Workshop Fees


  • Double lodge room, shared bath: $1195

  • Double lodge room, private bath: $1325

  • Single lodge room, shared bath: $1425

  • Single lodge room, private bath: $1575

  • Commuter Rate (retreat and use of facilities only): $650


  • Put down a deposit by December 8, 2013 and save $100

  • Pay in full by December 8, 2013, and take off another $75


Travel: Fly into Hilo airport for easiest access to Kalani. Or fly into Kona for lower prices and good deals on rental cars. 

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Special Commuter Rates (Tuition Only) - $650 includes retreat and facilities. No meals.

Tantra Partner Yoga For Couples® Retreat in Paradise

Murti Hower & Larina Hawkins-Hower

September 6, 2013 - September 9, 2013

Open your heart and find the joy of communion together as you escape with your beloved for a transformative experience on Pele’s sacred land. Spend three blissful nights at Kalani’s eco-retreat. In this lush, tropical setting you and your partner will enjoy daily workshops based on tantric principals, allowing us to see and connect with the divine in each other: shiva & shakti, mudras and partner yoga asanas.

About the Facilitator(s)

Murti Hower (ERYT500) & Larina Hawkins-Hower (RYT200) are a husband and wife team who teach and facilitate yoga classes, 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification programs, yoga & ecstatic dance events and Tantra Partner Yoga for Couples® workshops and retreats. Their couples workshop was featured nationally on America Now News (insert link: ).

Murti has been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1982 and teaching for over 27 years. His main mentor and friend, Rodney Yee, has been his greatest influence of teaching healing alignment principles.

Larina has been practicing yoga since 1994, enjoys facilitating events in yoga and ecstatic dance as well as holding space for couples to connect through yoga. She is certified in Yoga Trance Dance™ with Shiva Rea.


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Prices based per couple.
Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage n/a n/a
5 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
4 - Tree House Room n/a n/a
3 - Bungalow Room n/a n/a
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1550 n/a
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 1450 n/a

Prices subject to change without notice and per couple

Understanding Relationships from a New Consciousness of Quantum Astrology

Maria Patricia Ramirez

Quantum Astrology helps you to find and relate to others from the field of multiple Possibilities

About the Facilitator(s)

Maria Patricia

Maria Patricia RamirezSince her years as a child, Maria has been in the search for spiritual growth and through her life she has studied with masters in the fields of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Metaphysics. She has worked for several years for TV, Radio, Universities as a Public Figure.


Workshop Fees

TUITION ONLY price for this seminar:

$250 Spanish Speakers

$300 With Translation into English with Professional Equipment. 

For more info in English and Spanish call Adriana Jacobson (941) 587-5300

Meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna packages can be purchased individually for:

Option 1: $125/day (Shared rooms), includes 3 meals/day.

Option 2: $175/day (Individual rooms) includes 3 meals/day.

$65 Registration Fee.

$200 non-refundable deposit holds your space in our program. Remaining balance due upon arrival.  

Please reserve room directly by calling:  Jared Sam   (808) 965-0468 x107   [email protected] 

Prices subject to change without notice.

Couples in Paradise Retreat

Joyce and Barry Vissell

During these 7 days at Kalani, you will not only open to more love and connection you thought possible, but you will have enough time to integrate these positive changes into your lives back home. We focus on seeing our partner with new eyes, healing dysfunctional patterns, communication of feelings, enhancing the sexual relationship, and practicing loving appreciation. Charley Thweatt’s intuitively chosen songs deepen each process.

About the Facilitator(s)

Marianne Williamson says “Bravo to the Vissells for helping us find the connection between spirituality and relationship.” Ram Dass describes Joyce and Barry Vissell as “a couple who live the yoga of love and devotion.” They are two people deeply in love for 48 years, who have led couples retreats for 35 years, raised three children and “walk their talk.” Their model of relationship and deeply heart-oriented approach have made a unique impact upon many thousands of people’s lives. They are the authors of The Shared Heart, Models of Love, Risk To Be Healed, The Heart’s Wisdom, Meant To Be, and A Mother’s Final Gift. They are the founders and directors of the Shared Heart Foundation (, a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the world one heart at a time. The Vissells write a monthly column on 'living from the heart' that appears in about 80 publications worldwide.

“Special guest musician Charley Thweatt is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist who has opened thousands of hearts around the world with his musical gifts. His intuitively chosen songs accelerate soul healing for the couples.”


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Pricing based on per couple.
Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage n/a n/a
5 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
4 - Tree House Room n/a n/a
3 - Bungalow Room $ 3970 n/a
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 3560 n/a
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 3136 n/a

Dreaming & Awakening

Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D

September 14, 2013 - September 22, 2013

Dreaming and AwakeningThis 8-day Residential Training Program in Lucid Dreaming (dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming) and Tibetan Dream Yoga will focus on methods of developing the mental skills that foster lucid dreaming and on directing your consciousness in the dream state towards fulfillment of your personal goals.

About the Facilitator(s)

Steven LaBerge

Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

Stephen is a world-renowned authority on lucid dreaming. His pioneering studies at Stanford University have brought scientific attention to this potentially illuminating state of consciousness, and his best-selling books Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, have introduced many to the experience. For the past 30 years, Dr. LaBerge has researched methods for teaching people to become lucid dreamers, developing techniques and lucid dreaming induction devices.


Workshop Fees

Our standard fee is $2600 person, includes accommodations and meals (based on double occupancy).

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Reduced rate offered for early registration.  For further details, please see

Reduced rate of $2350 is offered for Early Registration by April 8th, 2013

Group (3 of more) and Kama'aina reduced rates are also available.

For further details, please see


Living With Intention and Attention: A Yoga Retreat with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch

Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch

Kalani Hawaii Big Island

We often live knowing what we don’t want, but seldom do we know exactly what we do want!

• Is your yoga practice cultivating a sense of balance or do you find yourself getting injured or feeling dissatisfied?

• Are you happy and content in your relationships?

• Is your job or career satisfying?

About the Facilitator(s)

Alicia Cheung and Oliver ReinschAlicia Cheung enjoys watching her students grow and deepen on their path of self discovery. She has studied yoga for over 25 years and has been teaching for over twenty. She has lead YogaWorks 200 hour teacher trainings in Hawaii, California, Japan, Thailand and Bali. Her love for yoga and movement, combined with her expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and craniosacral therapy has allowed her to facilitate deep and profound transformation in her students all over the world.

Oliver Reinsch took his first yoga asana class with Rodney Yee about 20 years ago, but considers his yoga training to have started the first time he entered the ocean as a kid. He completed the YogaWorks teacher training in 1999 and is an ERYT-500 teacher, and conducts teacher trainings for YogaWorks internationally. Oliver currently lives in Bali.


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage n/a n/a
5 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
4 - Tree House Room n/a n/a
3 - Bungalow Room n/a n/a
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1485 $ 1685
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 1385 $ 1485

Triple Shared Bath rate (per peson):  $1285

Prices subject to change without notice.

Living a Course in Miracles

Jennifer Hadley and David Hoffmeister

February 3, 2013 - February 9, 2013
  • Each day will include:

About the Facilitator(s)


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage $ 1840 $ 2470
5 - Tropical Loft $ 1600 $ 1980
4 - Tree House Room $ 1600 $ 1980
3 - Bungalow Room n/a n/a
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1450 $ 1750
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) n/a n/a

Prices subject to change without notice.

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