Transgender Vacations, Accommodations, Workshops, Adventures, Yoga & Events in Hawaii

Transgender Vacations, Accommodations,
Workshops, Adventures, Yoga & Events in Hawaii

"I really enjoyed my stay. The food, service, housekeeping and volunteers were great. It was great to be in a place where transgender bodies are safe and accepted. There's not a lot of places where we are wecomed and unquestioned. Thank you!"
- Rolan, Trans Man and Kalani Guest

"I've never felt more at home than I do at Kalani."
- Lydia, Trans Woman and Kalani Volunteer

Kalani is one of the most welcoming vacation destinations in the world for trans men and women. LGBT-owned and operated, we are proud to have trans men and women serving in key management, staff, and volunteer roles.

Kalani's trans guests participate in the array of retreats that are offered throughout the year, including men's and women's retreats, Divine Goddess retreats, yoga and wellness retreats, hula and Hawaiian culture retreats, massage workshops, performing arts workshops, and more.

Whether you visit Hawaii for a personal retreat, wish to explore the adventurous hikes and incredible natural diversity of the Big Island, or indulge in our 50+ weekly classes and activities in yoga, dance, wellness and more, we are certain you will be transformed by the powerful memories you will create here.

We invite you to open your heart to the Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani.

What does Kalani offer to the transgender community?

Kalani's loving, supportive environment welcomes and celebrates diversity amongst all guests. Transgender guests often remark that Kalani is a place where they are free to enjoy all that is on offer while being fully accepted by staff, volunteers, and guests throughout the community.

We invite all trans men and women to participate in Kalani's range of vacations, retreats, and workshops which focus upon yoga and wellness, hula and Hawaiian culture, massage, the performing arts, spirituality, health and more.