Visiting Artists

Kalani is proud to welcome and inspire artists of all backgrounds and media, through our Visiting Artist program. One can not help but be dramatically influenced by the spirit of aloha and the raw, creative energy that abounds on the Big Island.

Visiting Artists are provided a supportive environment in which to create. At Kalani, you will find an intentional community which celebrates creativity, inspiration, and acceptance. We are excited to see the original works you are moved to produce here.

One of the key motivations behind our programs for artists is our mission to enrich the culture and community of Puna. Our district is beautiful and inspiring, yet is also an economically marginalized area, the poorest district in Hawaii.

Program acceptance and support levels have a strong emphasis on how you will contribute to Kalani and our surrounding community. As a result, our visiting artists contribute in meaningful, exciting ways - through teaching, sharing, performing, and/or donating a resulting work of art.  A proposal for your community contribution is to be submitted along with your application for acceptance into the program.

Kalani’s Visiting Artist Program allows for partially subsidized stays of one or two weeks. The level of subsidy is dependent upon the extent of the visiting artist’s contribution to the community and/or Kalani. 

Each quarter has a limit on the number of visiting artists we are able to accommodate.  Apply early, to increase the likelihood that we can accommodate your visit. This offering is pending availability.

To apply, download the application form in Word format (for electronic submission) or PDF (for printing and filling out by hand.)