10th Annual Hawaii Shamanic Retreat

Wilbert Alix

May 21, 2009 - May 30, 2009

Wilbert AlixThe Hawaii Shamanic Retreat is an intelligent, experiential exploration of the relationships between organic life and human life and how these link influences our experience of ourselves as spiritual beings.

The Big Island Of Hawaii is one of the newest and most ecologically active environments on the planet, providing a stimulating environment for the study of spiritual evolution.

Within this context and through the use of contemporary shamanic ritual techniques participants can achieve actual moments of insight & revelation, vital to understanding of our relationship to ecology.

About the Facilitator(s)

Trance Dance

Wilbert Alix

Wilbert has earned international recognition as a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanic studies. A prominent figure in the emerging science of body-centered psychology his presentations are accentuated with intellectual depth and a unique insight into the relationships between traditional shamanic healing, western science and eastern mysticism.

Wilbert Alix has pioneered the professional application of Trance Dance and other shamanic techniques as legitimate healing and therapeutic tools. He conducts workshops and trains professionals throughout the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia and South America. He frequently appears at professional conferences and expos, as well as teaching educational 'mind/body science' programs to individuals and corporations.


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage n/a n/a
5 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
4 - Tree House Room n/a n/a
3 - Bungalow Room n/a n/a
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) n/a n/a
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 1500 n/a

Prices subject to change without notice.