Priya Yoga Summer Camp

Michelle Andrie

August 2, 2009 - August 8, 2009

Priya Yoga begins by releasing the tension, tightness, burdens, and energy blocks that prevent you from living a life of freedom, love and joy. As you set aside these blocks your body feels lighter and the breath moves in and out of the body fully, you feel the grounding of being human and at the same time the connection to the life force energy moving through you. You begin to move freely in and out of asanas with the breath allowing the life force energy to guide you. You will learn simple tools and techniques to take Priya Yoga to all aspects of your life. Come join us for an amazing new way to experience yoga!

About the Facilitator(s)

Michelle Andrie

Michelle Andrie

is the owner and creator of Priya Yoga. She brings 22 years of yoga experience including years of study in the Iyengar method and 5 years of study in the Scaravelli Method to form a new experience of yoga.

Michelle has been teaching for 14 years. She developed and runs the Priya Yoga Teacher Training program, teaches Priya Yoga classes, and uses her unique sense of the energy body to teach one on one Priya Yoga private sessions.

Michelle has completed her second book titled Freeing The Body: 8 Yoga Practices To Release Held Trauma. She recently shot Priya Partner Yoga DVD.


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage n/a n/a
5 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
4 - Tree House Room n/a n/a
3 - Bungalow Room $ 1360 $ 1675
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1255 $ 1605
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 1143 $ 1395

Prices subject to change without notice.