Eco-Hawai`i Festival Week

Richard Koob and the Kalani Team

Eco-Hawaii Festival

The Eco-Hawai’i Festival Week welcomes local residents and visitors to coastal Puna for a week of fun educational activities and celebrations based at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Village, a sustainable farm and retreat center.  From October 25-31 participants will promote the conservation of biological and cultural diversity by attending classes, expeditions, and work parties to build awareness about our role in the ecosystem, promote sustainable living, encourage native management of resources, minimize human impact on the environment, and to learn more about local culture, flora and fauna.

The program includes:

  • Monday
    • 9 am - Rene Siracusa of Malama O Puna - a non-profit community group who volunteer to keep up the work of “protecting Hawai 'i ‘s precious natural heritage.” The topic will be sustainable gardening in Puna, what does best in this area of the Big Island.
    • 1 pm - John Rozette of Rozette's Nursery. The topic is Biochar, creating and using charcoal as a nutrient rich additive to compost.
  • Tuesday
    • 9 am - Wade Baur.Presentation with photos on living sustainably on the Big Island. Topics include:
    • Edible Landscaping
      Sustainable Design
      Natural Building
    • 10 am - Mike Hale will share ideas and commitments for sustaining our Hawaiian Paradise.
    • 1 pm - Maya Dolena will share with us the film Coconut Revolution award-winning film, a modern-day story of a native peoples remarkable victory over Western Colonial power. A Pacific island rose up in arms against giant mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) - and won despite a military occupation and blockade. When RTZ decided to step up production at the Panguna Mine on the island of Bougainville, they got more than they bargained for. The islands people had enough of seeing their environment ruined and being treated as pawns by RTZ.
  • Wednesday
    • 9 am - A tour of La'akea organic farms. We will meet Amara at La'akea and tour their farm.
    • 1 pm - Brent Norris will do a powerpoint presentation about the 'Green Technology Industry'
  • Thursday
    • 9 am - Kalani's Agriculture Dept. will present the Kalani nursery,orchard, and aquaponics. Opportunities to plant and propagate will be available to seminar attendees.
    • 1 pm - William Moekahi Steiner, Dean of College of Agriculture at UH Hilo and member of 'Hawaii 2020 Vission' will present an overview of where we are today and where we wish to be in the future with sustainability.
  • Friday
    • 9 am - Nohealani, a local mother, HCC Agriforestry student and a member of Malama O Puna, will present class project on the importance of having sustainable native biodiversity.
    • 1 pm - Kalani's Agriculture Dept. will lead a tour of Kalani's 120 acres with an emphasis on the conservation of our native plants with opportunities for hands on help installing a native plant garden.

By participating in the full Eco-Hawaii Festival Week through a Kalani Experience you will also get to participate in the Jungleween Party on the 30th October, and all Eco-Hawaii Festival Day activities for FREE!.  With your Kalani Experience you will also receive massages, adventures, wholesome cuisine, and your choice of more than 50 weekly nature-culture-wellness activities.


The Eco-Hawai’i Festival concludes with a weekend festival open to the public.  On Saturday night, October 30th, celebrate “Jungleween” with outrageous organic, biodegradable costuming and makeup!

Eco-Hawaii Festival Day (link)

On Festival Day (Sunday) enjoy local guides, biologists, farmers and craftspeople as they share authentic Hawai’ian eco-experiences through farming tours, demonstrations of .gardening with Hawai’ian plants, and the creation of crafts using native materials. To find out more about the Festival Day and purchase tickets for this single day, see Eco-Hawai'i Festival Day.

The Festival inspires participants to practice sustainable community at home and as responsible world travelers. This and other Kalani educational programs and facilities are supported by member donations, volunteer staff, plus contributions from local residents, student participants, and organizations including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the County of Hawai’i Department of Research and Development, and the Hawai’i Tourism Authority. 

Presentations include:

  • La'akea farms
  • HCC Agriforestry class project on the importance of having sustainable native biodiversity.
  • Maya Dolena will have a Hana Hou showing of the film 'Coconut Revolution'.
  • Plus much more!

Non-profits and vendors of local products are welcome to have information and sales tables.  Please use the contact form and address to Special Events.

Just $200 holds your place in comfortable accommodations from private bath Tree House, Ocean Vista or Bamboo Cottage deluxe accommodations to budget rooms and camping!  Get Festival activities free when you call 800-800-6886 to reserve and pay the balance when you arrive. See Kalani Experience for rates.

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