Beyond Gender: a Sacred Exploration of Divine Flow

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Beyond Gender RetreatMen are not from Mars and women are not from Venus!  We are all expressions of humanity, rooted here on Earth.

There are those of us who identify as men or women and others who identify with neither label, but traverse the spaces of mystery in between.

There are also Sacred Twins that meet in joyous union within us, reuniting in the energy of Divine flow that moves beyond all polarity.

Let us step into our whole beings in celebration of all aspects of ourselves - our greatness and our foibles, our hopes and our fears –stepping closer to our fully loving selves.

In this week long retreat with authors, speakers and teachers Dr. Kevin ( and T. Thorn Coyle ( we will explore the connections between; unhealthy self-images, struggles in getting and maintaining healthy relationships and sexuality struggles.

We will also look at the myths, limitations and dysfunctional beliefs that are taught, role modeled and forced upon us about gender.  This workshop will help us recognize, own and utilizes our full feminine and our full masculine energies no matter what our gender may be.  

About the Facilitator(s)

Dr. Kevin Ross EmeryDr. Kevin has taught both in the private and public sector. His first love will always be teaching people to discover their own passion and take it out into the world. He does train people on how to work within his own specialties including: Combing The Mirror coaching/counseling, Managing The Gift ADD/ADHD coaching, Wei Chi System of Natural Healing, as well as a number of other tools and skills, both traditional and non-traditional. He also offers internships and works with people to become teachers in his trademarked systems.

T. Thorn Coyle is an internationally respected visionary and teacher of the magical and esoteric arts. The author of Kissing the Limitless and Evolutionary Witchcraft, she hosts the Elemental Castings podcast series, writes a popular weblog, Know Thyself,

and has produced several CDs of sacred music. Thorn’s teaching and spiritual direction practices help people worldwide. Pagan, mystic, and activist, she is founder and head of Solar Cross Temple and Morningstar Mystery School and lives by the San Francisco Bay.


Workshop Fees

Lodge rooms are double occupancy if you are coming alone be aware you will be sharing your room with someone. If you want a private room there are Single Bungalows available. Prices include transportation to and from the airport, three meals per day, accommodations, workshop, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

There is a $875 (lodge) or $1,300 (Bungalow) non-refundable portion of the price if cancelled except for emergencies at staff's discretion.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage n/a n/a
5 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
4 - Tree House Room n/a n/a
3 - Bungalow Room n/a $ 2495
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1995 n/a
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) n/a n/a

Without Lodging $1250 per person   

Prices subject to change without notice.