Community Drumkeepers Initiation - March 2011

White Eagle Medicine Woman

Community Drum Initiation with White Eagle Medicine Woman

Community Drumkeepers Shamanic Initiation

Learn to make Community "Mother" Drums and be a Drumkeeper in a worldwide network with Community Drumkeepers Shamanic Initiation!

Community Drumkeepers Shamanic Initiation welcomes all experience levels of drummers, dancers, healers, teachers and spiritual seekers who are called by the drum to take a more active part in strengthening the Heartbeat of their Community. We will make Rattles, Hoop Drums and Community "Mother" Drums and initiate and train the new Drum Keepers into our global DRUM FOR CHANGE global network.

Part 1: Two Days: Drum Making Ceremonial Workshop

A fun and dynamic two days of Drum and Rattle Making, Medicine Wheel Teachings, songs, stories and methods to gather your hearts power in these potent times. You can purchase the drum and rattle you make or donate it to the project.

Cost $222

Part 2: Three Days: Shamanic DrumKeepers Initiation

  • Gather your Medicine from the Heart of the Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Awaken the Power of your Voice
  • Songs for Intention, Power, Healing, Manifestation and Inspiration
  • Receive and give Shamanic Healing Methods and Sacred Space
  • Learn Community Drum Protocol, Drum Patterns
  • Leadings Songs & Group Dances with Hoop and Community Drums
  • Reclaim Your Authentic Self with Animal Medicine
  • The Drum Dance Portal Ceremony

Cost $333

Note: If you are making a Community "Mother" Drum, you must attend all five days.

Please contact us in advance if you are being called to build a Community "Mother" Drum. For information and registration contact the Whirling Rainbow Foundation: 808-965-1735.

Help us strengthen the Heartbeat of our Community!

About the Facilitator(s)

About White Eagle Medicine Woman:

As the youngest woman to climb North America's highest peak Mt. McKinley or Denali in her late teens and having built largest crystal drum in North America, White Eagle Medicine Woman has demonstrated enormous vision, creativity, and determination, all gifts of a far seeing leader. White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) is the director and drum keeper of the International GrandMother Drum Peace Project. She is an international shamanic healer, seer, and ritual and performance artist who has traveled the world for over thirty years, performing, teaching, healing and inspiring thousands.

Her CDs include Journey of the Heart, Songlines of the Soul and Living Waters of Grace. She is the director and co-producer of the newly released documentary film GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart. She is also the founder and director of The Whirling Rainbow Foundation and the Rainbow Fire Mystery School in Palmer, Alaska. White Eagle's voice has a primal and mesmerizing quality, penetrating to the very heart and soul of our indigenous connection with each other and the earth. White Eagle's dynamic performances and workshops are well known for transforming the hearts of all involved, leading audiences in unified action on global issues of world peace, racial reconciliation, environmental stewardship and earth sustainability.


Workshop Fees

Prices subject to change without notice.