English Conversation Class in Hawaii

Glenn Hopkins

Private or small group tutoring also available.

Price INCLUDES three delicious meals a day, two-hour morning, English-only "heart circle", camping space, showers and hot tub at The beautiful KALANI OCEANSIDE RETREAT. Upgrades to rooms and cottages available.

Adult learners of English asked what they most want from a class.  The answer is always CONVERSATION. So, veteran of 34 years teaching English to foreign adults for the city of L.A., writer-director-producer of over twenty-five plays (www.mootney.org) Glenn Hopkins will lead a morning "heart-circle" kind of class addressing grammar, pronuciation, etc. only in the context of the experiences and needs of the the class members. The one rule is ALL CONVERSATION HAS TO BE IN ENGLISH.
Students will naturally form international friendships with each other and be tourists every afternoon, reporting in English the next morning about what they did in the afternoon, with whom, etc....with an emphasis on moments that were a problem because English is not their first language.

To reserve your place at KALANI'S ENGLISH PRACTICE GROUP send your advance payment check to The Venice Mootney Company, 2508 Stoner Avenue, Los Angeles 90064. The day your check clears, your place is reserved. Write the dates of your stay on the check.

These are prices for three meals a day, English Practice Group, and pitching a tent with us:.

$150 a day
or $900 a week
$1700 two weeks

Not bad for Hawaii, eh? Remember, the price INCLUDES three delicious meals a day, camping space, showers and hot tub at The beautiful KALANI OCEANSIDE RETREAT on the Big Island of Hawaii... with afternoons free to tour the beaches, etc..

15% if your check clears by March 31
10% if your check clears by April 30th
7% if your check clears by May 31
4% if your check clears by June 30th

No ground or air transportation is included in this price.

About the Facilitator(s)

Glenn HopkinsThis year nominated by his fellow-teachers of Westside Community Adult School (link) for the prestigious Platinum Apple Award for Teaching Excellence (given by the teacher's union, United Teachers, LA) , Glenn Hopkins recently received this note from his evaluating Principal, Mr.
Jim Chacon: "Your students are engaged and happy and obviously learning. It's always a pleasure to observe you."

And through the years his students from all over the globe have sung his praises:

"At first I was shy and 'tongue-tied.' But we of the international class became friends and really learned from each other." --Yaping Chen, China

"You're the only teacher who ever explained the 18 vowel sounds...and it's the most important thing to know about American pronunciation.  Once I began pronouncing correctly I started to understand so much better what Americans talking fast to me were saying." --Thomas Geist, France

"He explains everything properly and clearly, and answers everyone's questions patiently. We all learned a lot not because he forced us to learn, but he made us learn by keeping the atmosphere of the class lively and friendly." --Asadullah Pashtun, Afghanistan (January 20, 2011)

And from a recent visitor to the level one (beginning, low) class:
"He exudes warmth and erudition...I consider his students lucky to have him." --Lucy Hahn, Master's Degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

"A familiar figure on the Los Angles theater scene, Glenn Hopkins has written over twenty plays melodramatic and hilarious, brash and sensitive, frustrating yet ultimately rewarding.Hopkins writes from the heart, exploring human verities as well as human foibles. His integrity and purpose shine through."  -Dramalogue Magazine

What better setting for telling about our afternoon adventures on the gorgeous Big Island of Hawaii than a morning "heart circle" of new international friends with a trained (but unobtrusive) instructor of English to Adults with over 30 years of experience in moving people forward in their confidence and fluency?

Send your check indicating the dates you want to attend to our office in California today. You don't have to be in tent. You can up-grade to a room or your own cottage.

Glenn has told me he would be open to putting a little show together for performing in the evening at Kalani. Don't be shy! Take that dream vacation/class this summer !
-Ernest Harding , Associate Producer
The Venice Mootney Company


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Prices subject to change without notice.