Transits of the Outer Planets & Moon’s Nodes

Tom Lescher

PlanetThis is a rare opportunity on the Big Island to receive in depth, personal astrological information as either a foundation for further study or to deepen your already existing astrological background.  This Intensive is part of the larger River of Stars astrological convention happening at Kalani from January 20-24 where over 100 astrologers from around the world will be gathering.  This special post-conference intensive, offered by Tom Lescher will cost $310. 

The title of the Intensive is Transits of the Outer Planets & Moon’s Nodes.
In it, we will take your natal birthcharts and see where the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) as well as the Moon’s Nodes, have been transiting through 2010 and up to 2012.  As well as a deep understanding of the cycles of change that we are currently experiencing, you will also receive a greater understanding of your birthchart, all the signs, planets, and houses.  Within the four day workshop you will gain insights and understanding to guide you through 2011 and beyond.

About the Facilitator(s)

Tom LescherTom Lescher blends his rich intuitive insights with over 30 years of astrological background to make each reading a life-changing event for his clients. His leading edge approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and kundalini yoga adds a new dimension to astrology. In addition to personal readings he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching. He lives at Yoga Oasis ( ) on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Workshop Fees

$310 tuition includes workshop, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Does not include meals or accommodations.

Prices subject to change without notice.