Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Lino Laure and Maxwell Starkhouse

Meditation Waterfall ImageThe tradition of practicing yoga and meditation (dhyana) are two complimentary systems. They have been around for thousands of years. Because of their universal and beneficial effects, they have both withstood the test of time. Many people from all walks of life enjoy the practice of yoga and meditation today in our modern world. Yet, their roots come from the rich traditions of the Vedic sciences of India. Together, yoga and meditation comprise of an applied technology, a technology of consciousness. They serve to enhance a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. On this level of expression, it is undoubtedly a treasure of great proportion when incorporated in one’s life.

In India, it is a common practice to engage in yoga and then meditation. Together they serve as a powerful tool to stimulate and clear the energy channels of the body. Through yoga, each pose (or asana) triggers a particular set of channels inherently connected to every part of the body and its various systems. This opens the electromagnetic flow of the body. While, through meditation, the mind finally rests, as it sinks into deeper levels of consciousness. This allows for the release of stored stress lodged in or blocking the energy channels of the body. These blockages are due to the conditions of stress and imbalance carried by an individual. Meditation is the only state of being where the mind fully rests. This resting in meditation gives the mind a full opportunity to transcend: the process where the mind arrives at a state of deep rest and clarity, going beyond the activity of thought itself.
This course will emphasize both yoga and meditation, as a combined practice, to incorporate into your life. The yoga taught in this class is based on various knowledge and techniques of yoga. The meditation technique is based on Vedic tradition. This is a simple and effortless system of meditation which includes preparatory movements and breath techniques combined with techniques to stimulate the energy channels of the body. Both the yoga and meditation are easy to learn and designed for any beginner as well as experienced practitioners.

About the Facilitator(s)

Lino LaureLino Laure has been practicing meditation for over twenty-five years.  A year after learning meditation, he had a spontaneous spiritual awakening, as the surge of kundalini energy awakened within him prompting a whole new level of life, self-awareness and direction. For over 16 years he has received guidance by his teacher, a Dhanur Vedic master healer from Kerala, India, learning aspects of yoga, meditation and healing arts. Lino enjoys sharing what he has learned, and helping individuals gain a better understanding as they practice the art of meditation and yoga.

Maxwell StarkhouseMaxwell Starkhouse is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, dancer, poet, musician and artist. He was first introduced to yoga by his mother when he was a young child and has been interested in alternative medicine and healing arts ever since. He has studied with different teachers around the world such as Kathy Elder, Shiva Rea, Lino Miele and Duncan Wong. He received his yoga teacher training certificate in 2003 at Kalani Honua in Hawaii. He is influenced by many different styles of yoga and martial arts such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga , Restorative Yoga , Capoiera, Tai Chi, and Kuk Sol Korean Buddhist martial arts. He spent five months traveling in India deepening his practice of yoga. He currently teaches Intuitive Yoga at Kalani.


Workshop Fees

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
6 - Cottage $ 1275 $ 1775
5 - Tropical Loft $ 1150 $ 1475
4 - Tree House Room $ 1275 $ 1775
3 - Bungalow Room $ 1050 $ 1275
2 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 975 $ 1225
1 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 895 $ 1075

Prices subject to change without notice.