Healing Dance I

Ashaman Gray, Lilia Cangemi

November 14, 2012 - November 20, 2012

Healing Dance is a synthesis of Watsu, Trager Work, Waterdance, and pure movement.  It combines the freedom, scope and 3 dimensions of Waterdance with the safety and nurture of Watsu.

The approach is based on the healing power of movement and how the body naturally moves in water. The movements are hydrodynamic and spacious, featuring many different undulating wave movements that integrate the body and release blocked energies. Quiet embraces, releases, tractions, smooth transitions and massage are all woven together in an unending flow. Life and movement re-enter the body.

In 1990 Alexander George combined his Watsu and WaterDance training with his 25 years experience in ballet, modern, and free movement exploration to develop Healing Dance. With the help of Inika, in 1999, he created Healing Dance Above and Below which brings Healing Dance and Watsu moves under the water.

Healing Dance I

In Healing Dance I the entire session takes place above the surface of the water, yet it elicits many of the same responses experienced in an underwater session. The giver enjoys the pleasure of his or her own dance, bringing the grace of movement to the receiver. The form follows the natural tendencies of the body moving in water in a variety of waves, circles and figure eight’s with the legs free to experience the sensation of the water flowing past. Positional sanctuaries, releases, creative stretches, and transitions, including the Matador and Vortex, are part of this level. Students learn the principles of relating and mirroring, moving by example, generating a rhythmic field, and applying advanced body mechanics to be able to travel smoothly across the pool to create "virtual currents".

Land sessions cover counter-indications, theory behind Healing Dance, presence and how to begin a session as well as some rhythmic bodywork.

About the Facilitator(s)

"I was raised as a barefoot child in the international township of Auroville in South India. I grew up among a truly diverse population, including German farmers in loincloths and Tamil computer engineers. I enjoyed racing my pony - transport - to school in the morning with friends, to the Bay of Bengal on weekends for swims in the surf. We never used saddles, rarely bits; a rope around the neck was sufficient. Fall off, get back on. The teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo were a given I never questioned or gave any special attention to until leaving Auroville for the west. They continue to form the basis of my spiritual path." Ashaman has been dancing through the water since 1999, inspired by his trainings with Alexander. He brings a passion for movement and connection to his water work, continually fulfilled and renewed through aikido practice and music. “Teaching for me is an expression - the conscious formation of something from within given life by the listening of students. It’s a transmission, a birth process where students are offered a form through which their inner fire can burn. Teaching is a vehicle for harmonization, a space held for inspiration to explode and new galaxies to begin.”

LiliaLilia Cangemi is a Watsu Therapist and Instructor, Waterdance Practitioner, Healing Dance Therapist and Instructor, and the creator of Quantum Leap Healing and Dolphin Dance, an original modality of her conception combining Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral and Reiki above and under water. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist specialized in many energetic and soft tissue techniques, a journalist specialized in health issues, and a professional dancer/choreographer. She has accrued over 2500 hours as student, assistant, and instructor of Watsu, Healing Dance and Waterdance.

After 6 years of Medical School in Italy, her country of origin, she travelled and lived all over the world while researching holistic and alternative healing arts. She is a Reiki Master and a professional of EFT and breathwork. Her experience includes many years of land and aquatic bodywork in private practice and over thirty years of teaching movement and dance. She brings to her classes warmth, humor and a special regard for each individual student, joined with an expert eye for technique and body mechanics. The dance becomes flow, the flow becomes healing.


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