Australian Bush Flower Essence Course

Michelle Thibert

australian bush flower essencesNo matter what your area of expertise, the Australian Bush Flower Essences can be

exceptionally useful in your practice, enhancing your knowledge base, complementing your
existing modality and improving your client outcome.
You will learn:
1. The history of Flower Essences
2. The healing qualities of all the individual essences in the Australian Bush Flower Essences range, as well as the readymade combinations
3. The chakra system and subtle Energy bodies along with their corresponding Bush Essences
4. The history of, and how to interpret, the ancient art of the Doctrine of Signatures
5. How Flower Essences work
6. How thoughts and emotions affect wellbeing
7. The cutting edge science validating the ancient healing systems of Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine
8. Common emotional issues and corresponding Bush Essences for each theme
9. How to select a Flower Essence confidently
10. How to prepare an individual Flower Essence
11. Ways to formulate unique Flower Essence blends for individuals
12. Methods of application
13. How to observe and interpret verbal and non-verbal clues as to which Essences may be needed
14. How to interview and assess clients
15. Rational and intuitive evaluation methods
16. Methods for choosing the most appropriate Flower Essence
17. Prioritising - when to give which Essences
18. Compliance - how to help your clients take their Essences correctly
19. Conducting follow-up interviews
20. Case Histories
CEU's for Massage Therapist

About the Facilitator(s)

Michelle Thibert

Michelle ThibertMichelle's love for plants started as a young girl gardening beside her parents. Her love of plant energies has taken her into the studies and teaching of flower essences and aromatherapy. For a complete bio please visit .


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TUITION ONLY price for this seminar:

$395 English Speakers

$455 With Spanish Translation 

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