Understanding Relationships from a New Consciousness of Quantum Astrology

Maria Patricia Ramirez

Quantum Astrology helps you to find and relate to others from the field of multiple Possibilities

Learn with this seminar how to heal your relationships with a Quantum approach
Discover the multiple potentials for relating to your partner, parents, kids,
Find a partner that synchronizes with your potentials
Focus on the positive aspects of your combined charts
Know when you are approaching a relationship from the wrong perspective.

About the Facilitator(s)

Maria Patricia

Maria Patricia RamirezSince her years as a child, Maria has been in the search for spiritual growth and through her life she has studied with masters in the fields of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Metaphysics. She has worked for several years for TV, Radio, Universities as a Public Figure.


Workshop Fees

TUITION ONLY price for this seminar:

$250 Spanish Speakers

$300 With Translation into English with Professional Equipment. 

For more info in English and Spanish call Adriana Jacobson (941) 587-5300

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$65 Registration Fee.

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