Yoga, Neuroscience, and Awareness: Developing Resilience

Jesse Ritvo, M.D., Mark Olson, Ph.D., Patrick McAndrew

September 22, 2013 - September 27, 2013
Kalani coast oceanThis integrative and interactive workshop synthesizes insights from yoga and neuroscience and is designed to enhance our ability to adapt to new and challenging life circumstances, foster greater resilience, and develop keener awareness. Through a combination of yoga practice and neuroscience instruction, it offers a unique synthesis of perspectives on ourselves not offered in most yoga classes or biology courses alone.  

Within the neuroscience component, Dr. Olson will guide an exploration of topics relevant to yoga and meditation, including attention, awareness, and feelings, with those understandings integrated through guided somatic exercises, dance, and yoga practice. Dr. Ritvo will teach how to promote health and balance through the combination of nutrition, meditation, and breathwork, and for those preferring a vigorous yoga workout, Dr. Ritvo will be leading an optional daily Ashtanga Vinyasa class.  Patrick will be offering Kripalu Yoga classes, sublime guitar, and ecstatic chanting.

Yoga, Neuroscience, and Awareness is a workshop for yoga students and teachers, mental health practitioners and therapists, bodyworkers, and anyone looking to deepen their daily life or practice in a unique way.

Please note that while this workshop will discuss various techniques to quiet the mind, it is not a substitute for psychotherapy and other health practices.

About the Facilitator(s)

Jesse Ritvo, M.D

Jesse RitvoJesse Ritvo, M.D. is a yogi who practices psychiatry in Vermont. A graduate of Harvard College and the Brown-Dartmouth Medical Program, Dr. Ritvo completed residency at the University of Vermont. Like his teachers Prem Prakash and Kathy McNames, he is passionate about bringing yoga to those without access otherwise.

Mark Olson, Ph.D

Mark OlsonMark Olson, Ph.D. is a neuroscientist, bodyworker, and anatomy instructor for massage and yoga programs. He received his doctorate from the University of Illinois where he specialized in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuropsychology and Neuroanatomy. He currently offers workshops ("Neurotreks") that explore the intersection of neuroscience, sexuality, sustainability, and awareness.

Patrick McAndrew

Patrick McAndrewPatrick McAndrew, a Kripalu teacher since 2007, and yoga student since 1997, offers compassionate and lively yoga classes for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Patrick is a graduate of Kripalu Teacher Training, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Goddard College. Patrick leads the Kirtan band Yogi P & The Funky Shanti.


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