Human Anatomy | September 15 - 26, 2014

Amy Doff

September 15, 2014 - September 26, 2014

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Human Anatomy

This course fulfills the State of Hawaii requirements for a general overview course in human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. All body systems are covered, with special attention to those most relevant to massage therapy, the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

This class is designed to teach you more than just factual knowledge about body parts, but rather a functional appreciation of how and why the body systems are integrated as they are. Classes involve an effective combination of teaching methods (including lecture, discussion, palpation and movement) that maximize interest and real-world learning.

Class sessions will be held 9:00-12:00 & 2:00-5:00. Wednesdays and Sundays are days off.

Required Texts:

- A/P/K Course Manual (available for purchase on 1st day of class)
- Trail Guide to the Body, 4th Edition - Andrew R. Biel
- Anatomy Coloring Book - Wynn Kapit and Elson

About the Facilitator(s)

Amy Doff Amy Doff has enjoyed teaching Human Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology to beginning massage students and allied health students, in numerous settings, for over 6 years. She hopes to influence her students to appreciate and take care of their bodies and their physical, social, political and energetic environments. Amy has been practicing medical massage/soft-tissue rehabilitation for the past 13 years and enjoys providing treatment work.

Amy is passionate about participating in our food system (from ground to grind and root to crown) and utilizing the opportunities we have as Massage Therapists to share self- awareness and health education with our clients. She promotes Wellness in Action (meeting our daily needs in ways that also nourish our physical, mental, spiritual and environmental health).

Amy has training in Massage Therapy (LMT, Hawaiian Islands School of Body Therapies, 2001), Anthropology (BA) & Occupational Safety & Health (Minor, UH Hilo, 2006) and a Master’s in Public Health, focusing on Health Policy and Management (UH Manoa, 2010). She currently serves on the Hawai‘i County Subarea Health Planning Council and collaborates with the Matungu Community Development Charity, a sister Community Based Organization, in rural western Kenya, to plan public health and community empowerment programs.


Workshop Fees

Tuition-only price: $630

Course tuition includes lunch during class days and access to kalani's lanai amenities.

Prices subject to change without notice.