Medicine Dance - Mindful Movement Talking Story

Fred Sugerman, Gary Glickman PhD, Stephan David Hewitt & Colleen Sugerman

movement gifMedicine Dance Morning Movement, Afternoon Play, Evening Council

We will explore:
 *  The confluence of movement, words and deep listening
 * Stories that we embody    
 * Movement that longs to be expressed 
With relaxed body, lifted spirit and gently opened psyche, we will come to Council nightly with invitation to Talk and Move  the stories of our lives:
 * both the familiar stories we have always held to be true—
 * and new stories possible to birth in this Time of Change, Transformation and Paradigm Shift.
Who is invited?  
All who are willing to step into Presence and allow that Presence to be Expressed and Deeply Witnessed.
 * To integrate movement and mindful touch with talking-story —— in your personal life-practice or your professional healing practice.
 * To invite Insight. 
 * To access Joy.  
 * To receive Restoration.  
 * To experience Community.
Also: Because the Earth and All Relations need you, right now, to feel yourself Alive and fully awake to Possibility.   We know the old structures are crumbling. We are the mad scientists pioneering their replacements.

About the Facilitator(s)

Fred Sugerman

Fred SugermanFred Sugerman is founder and director of Medicine Dance, a collection of mindful movement practices. Movement artist and educator, energy wrangler and masterful workshop facilitator; exploring the space between the healing and performing arts is his passion.  His expertise: creating a space of safety and permission, where participants become quiet and still enough to identify already-occurring movement in their bodies, and allow that internal experience to externalize and emerge as dance. Presence in action.

Gary Glickman

Gary GlickmanGary Glickman, PhD (Somatic Psychology), MFT, Somatic-Experiencing Practitioner, novelist and songwriter, is also a body-centered psychotherapist in Santa Monica, California. With Stephan David Hewitt, he facilitates S.E.S. healing workshops (Sensuous, Expressive, Safe) using relational somatic psychotherapy principles including music, authentic movement, experiments in safe touch and boundaries, archetypal narrative, singing, toning, harmonizing, dream work, mask-making, theatre, and creative writing.

He teaches as adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is the author of three novels, most recently the "The Scrolls of Nef"(2014)

Stephan David Hewitt

Stephan David HewittStephan David Hewitt, artist, songwriter, singer and pianist, is also a spiritual counselor using astrology and relational-somatic psychotherapy principles. His bi-monthly blog of lunations (full moon, new moon) can be accessed via his website below. As half the duo of The Dreambrothers ( he performs their original song settings of Walt Whitman's passionate vision for the new paradigm that we are all witnessing emerging only now, almost two hundred years after his birth. (

Colleen Sugerman

Colleen SugermanColleen Sugerman, life and creative partner with Fred in Medicine Dance, is an outdoors woman and movement artist, as well as a teacher of the movement work.  Certified in Movement Expression and Dance Alive, she also works with  private clients who are experiencing change and transition (ie. college students who are entering the work force, older adults who are retiring, etc.) and desiring support in identifying and manifesting their next steps.  She calls herself “Midwife of Change.” 


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Workshop Fees

Early bird pricing available if full tuition is paid before March 1st, 2014, and May 10th, 2014. Please inquire for details.   Discount ranges from $50-$150/person, depending on purchase and payment date.  

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Fees per person: Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
9 - Ocean Cottage n/a n/a
8 - Ocean Loft n/a n/a
7 - Tropical Cottage n/a n/a
6 - Tropical Loft n/a n/a
5 - Tree House Room $ 1700 n/a
4 - Bungalow Room $ 1610 n/a
3 - Lodge Room (private bath) $ 1550 n/a
2 - Lodge Room (shared bath) $ 1400 n/a
1 - Campsite n/a n/a

Non-refundable deposit of $300 to hold your choice of accommodation. First

come, first serve.

Kama'aina  (w/ ID, workshop only) $350 

CEU's-- 28 CEU's available

Financial aid: please ask us:

Cancellation Policy: Full Refund minus administration fee of $150 up until June 1, 2014. (Airfare to Hilo, HI not included.) 

OPTIONAL PLANNED ACTIVITIES (including but not limited(!) to):

            Lava-heated Warm-Pond Group Excursion

            Group Black Sand Dolphin Beach Mindful Ocean Ceremony

            Group Aqua-Movement Classes (slight additional fee)

PRIVATE Sessions available with all facilitators. Please feel free to inquire by email.

"The way we imagine our lives is the way we are going to go on living our lives.  For the manner in which we tell ourselves about what is going on is the genre through which events become experience."  -James Hillman, The Soul’s Code

Prices subject to change without notice.