One Dance Tribe

Arjuna Vinn Marti, Amara Pagano, Ronny Temple, Davida Taurek, Honor Morningstar, Dayashakti Geeti & Craig Kohland

October 9, 2014 - October 19, 2014

one dance tribeONE DANCE TRIBE - Join teachers, dancers and visionaries from all over the world for a unique and unprecedented extravaganza of conscious dance, yoga, live music, nature, community, laughter and revelations!

The 4-day GATHERING will allow you to experience different teachers and modalities. The 4 hour WORKSHOPS and 3-day IMMERSIONS will take you deeper into your dance and experience.  Come this October to the island of Hawaii, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Get to know yourself and cultivate new friendships in a safe and supportive environment, on and off the dance floor.
OCT 9-13  GATHERING  Join the Tribe for four days of 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Azul, Ecstatic Dance, Water Dance, Hula, Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Living Workshops, Live Music, Bodywork, Locally Grown Foods, and….lots of fun! Experience different teachers and modalities while exploring your relation with conscious dance.  
OCT 14 WORKSHOPS Four hour workshops with Davida Taurek, Ronny Temple and Special Guests TBA.  
OCT 14-16 SOUL MOTION IMMERSION with Arjuna Vinn Marti  Award-winning choreographer, global performer, master teacher and creator of Soul Motion™. Soul Motion is a conscious dance practice that brings together deep self-inquiry with an exploration of the outer worlds of relations, creative expression, and divine dialogue. Non-choreographed movement with a clear set of working platforms and points of view gives Soul Motion its unique character.
OCT 17-19 AZUL IMMERSION with Amara Pagano AZUL brings together Amara’s deep love and respect of Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms with Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart. The work of Azul is to feel the expansion, the pull of love and become present to that which stops us from loving. The more we are able to witness our openings and closings, the more conscious we become. The dance floor and the dance become a reflective surface in which we can see ourselves more clearly, allowing movement to support our journey of awakening

About the Facilitator(s)

Vinn MartiArjuna Vinn Marti is an award-winning choreographer, global performer, master teacher and creator of Soul Motion™ Conscious Dance Practice and has been teaching movement for over 35 years. He found his life’s calling at a young age, and, in the process of following his path, has evolved a transformative movement practice that has touched the lives of thousands.

Amara PaganoAmara Pagano first worked with Gabrielle Roth in 1991 and has been a full-time student and teacher of this work ever since. She was certified to teach 5Rhythms, Waves in 2001 and 5Rhythms, Heartbeat in 2010. Co-founder of Waves Studio in Olympia, WA, former director of the 5Rhythms program at Studio Maui and co-founder of One Dance Tribe, Amara has since developed a new practice called AZUL Conscious Dance. She believes in the power of movement to transform suffering to joy and to awaken us to live our fullest potential.

Davida TaurekDavida Taurek has a diverse background in the creative arts and is a certified instructor of Watsu, WaterDance, Motion Theater, and the 5Rhythms. She is core faculty for the Moving Center School in California and leads classes and workshops worldwide. Davida will be offering private healing sessions in Waterdance as well as leading several group experiences. Waterdance is an opportunity to immerse into quiet work of healing and transformation that leaves you not just relaxed but reborn. She will also offer a 4 hour 5Rhythms workshop and several evenings of Motion Theater that builds community and makes art out of everyday living.

Ronny TempleRonny Temple is a 5Rhythms Teacher with a wide breadth of experience in movement meditation. His most salient experiences though are in the realm of meditation and spirit. Ronny fell in love with the 5Rhythms practice around 2003 and ten years later is still in the honeymoon phase. Ronny focuses on nurturing a light heart on and off the dance floor. His teachings have a decidedly Tantric (meaning, in this context, holistic) flavor to them.

Honor MorningstarHonor Morningstar walks a path of dance medicine, firmly rooted in the maps of the 5Rhythms. Called to dance her whole life, Honor trained with Gabrielle Roth and was given the blessing to teach in 2008. Tinted with sass and verve, precariousness and possibility, Honor’s wild, tender, and compassionate style invites you back into your unique, authentic, and vibrant expression of self. Born in Kenya, based in Australia, and having lived and travelled extensively to some amazing places on this remarkable planet we call Home, the most insightful journeys remain those she has experienced on the dance floor. Life, love and the Rhythms continue to deeply inform her own practice and teachings.

Dayashakti GeetiDayashakti Geeti has been exploring Conscious dance and movement as a spiritual and creative path for many years, taking her to Japan and America to learn and study with her teachers Vinn Marti and Kajo Tsuboi. Geeti now lives in Sydney, Australia and teaches Soul Motion and Kiryuho Japanese movement to people of all ages and abilities as ways of bringing greater awareness to the relational dimensions of our selves both within our communities and within the universe. Movement and dance for Geeti is a powerful expression that can connect us to our eternal natures through the sacred vessels of our human bodies in this life. Geeti is also a lover of Kirtan and Bhakti yoga.

 Craig KohlandCraig Kohland is a talented multi-percussionist, performer, DJ, music producer and ecstatic dance facilitator driven by the healing rhythm of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred. Craig is the founder of Shaman’s Dream, a music project, that uses the power of music as a way the inspire, uplift and transmit healing energy into the world. As a multi-faceted music collective, Shaman’s Dream, has been at the forefront of the yoga and ecstatic dance music scene and has produced some of the key albums used in the yoga and dance industry.


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