Acro Revolution Teacher Training

Aaron Lind, Lizzy Tomber, Josh Young, Sara Laimon Luke & Whakapaignia Luke

Acro RevolutionAcro Revolution TT is a 12 day residential training focused on the art of being a mindful acrobat. The training will consist of intensive instruction in L-base acrobatics with a focus on skills including; washing machines, foot to hand, hand to hand, whips, pops, and other circus monkey tricks. In addition to learning techniques to fully embody this practice, you will learn how to teach partner acrobatics at various levels. The restorative practice of Acropeutics will be incorporated to create a more sustainable acrobatic practice and to help facilitate connection and community. In addition to the physical skills, training will include multiple sessions on teaching methodology, the ‘business’ of being an acro teacher, and community facilitation.

All material presented will be taught by using progressions and method based teaching practices. You will come out of this training equipped to not only teach acrobatics, but with the knowledge to train intelligently, heal yourself, and support your community.


The top 3 goals for the student are:

1) to be able to teach L- base acro

2) to have the tools and knowledge to have a sustainable teaching practice

3) to embody a practice based on safety and healthy communication

About the Facilitator(s)

Aaron Lind

Acro Revolution Co-Founder & TT Facilitator

Aaron LindAaron is a renowned teacher of partner acrobatics and an advocate for empowerment through partnership! He has been fascinated by movement-based practices since childhood, which led to many thousands of hours of playful exploration. Aaron has explored and trained many thousands of hours of handstand, gymnastic movement, yoga, and partner acrobatics. He is also a musician, holding an MFA in Jazz Studies and a burlesque artist trained in the New Orleans tradition. He brings a creative flair to his offerings and invites students to cultivate performance as a natural extension of skill-based practice. 

Lizzy Tomber

Acro Revolution Co-Founder & TT Facilitator

Lizzy TomberLizzy is life-long circus monkey and now a full-fledge MBA! From the time she could crawl she was monkeying around and was lucky enough to have an older brother that was in the circus. Throughout childhood, Lizzy loved gymnastics, acrobatics, and circus classes. Then like many people, she ‘became an adult’ and mostly forgot about these things until the universe sent her some amazing friends including Josh Young who awakened that inner-child-acrobat!

Josh Young

Acro Revolution Co-Founder, TT Facilitator, Founder of Acropedia, Peter Pan

Josh YoungJosh is happiest when he is empowering others to be the best version of themselves. He spends all of his free time flying everyone through hand-to-hand, washing machines, whips, and pops! When he is not tossing someone around, he is dorking out on cataloging every single acro washing machine, pose and transition. After spending years searching for acro videos on YouTube, Josh came up with the idea to build a free resource for acrobats everywhere. Not only does Josh have a deep love for high-level acrobatics, he also practices acropeutics, an inversion healing practice.

Sara Luke

Acro Revolution Co-Founder & TT Facilitator

Sara LukeSara is the official Acro Mama of the Acro Revolution Tribe. Her journey started when she found yoga at the age of 18. Yoga kept Sara grounded and connected to her breath, mind, and spirit. Sara began teaching yoga to her community, but she felt something was missing. Yoga, as traditionally taught, lacked connection with others. The day Sara found herself on top of someone’s feet, flying through the air with the support of another human being, her life changed forever. She immediately started to share a different approach to yoga, an approach with more fun, play, joy, and transformation. Sara is now lucky to share this practice with her love / husband / partner / co-teacher Whakapaingia and their baby girl, Tahi. Sara and her family travel around the world spreading the gift of joy, playfulness, and connection.

Whakapaingia David Luke

Acro Revolution Co-Founder & TT Facilitator

Whaka LukeWhaka is the spiritual heartbeat of the Acro Revolution tribe. Having always been a warrior and athlete, Whaka found the healing power of acropeutics and the joy of acrobatics when he was living in the US as a professional rugby player. In 2005, he started his healing journey after giving up his perception that yoga “was for girls” and not for tough guys. A few months into his practice, Whaka noticed his body recovered from tough rugby matches without the usual drugs or surgery. Through the path of yoga he learned to heal himself. Whaka then began to give this gift of healing to others by becoming a certified yoga teacher and thai massage practitioner.

Whaka found acro serendipitously on a beach when a women approached him and asked him if he wanted to fly. That woman became his wife, Sara. In one day Whaka found his life long passion and the person he would share that gift to the world with for the rest of his life. Whaka & Sara founded Koha Yoga in 2009. Koha is the Maori word for gift. Whaka & Sara travel around the world with their daughter Tahi, helping people discover the gifts of trust, joy, laughter, play, balance, and release through acro, acropeutics, yoga, and paddle-boarding.


Workshop Fees

All-inclusive package rate:  $2950/person

Fees include workshop, meals, accommodations, and use of Kalani's facilities including pool, hot tub and sauna.

Prices subject to change without notice.