Facilitator Resources

No Cost Options:

Kalani has a rich diversity of ongoing programs that your group can build into your schedule. Here are some options offered at no cost. Consult our “Community Arts Program Schedule” on the Internet for current days and times.

Hula Class - Facilitator - Kimo Lopez or Richard Koob. Experience the beauty and power of this uniquely Hawaiian art form that combines storytelling with dance, chant, and music. Everyone from beginners to experienced dancers are invited to come and learn about the hula, from its basic steps to a full hula dance by the end of the session. Hula
Meditation by Pool Buddha - Usual Facilitator - Richard Koob, Kalani founder-director.  This 20 minute active sequence inspired by yoga and Hawaiian culture ends with meditation stillness in your choice of pose. Everyone is welcome to participate or simply enjoy your own practice. (typically Sunday 4pm) Buddha
Nature Tour - Facilitator - Barcus Adams. A guided walking tour of Kalani's 120 acres of community gardens with a focus on native plants, the aquaponics vegetable garden, and aromatic plants. On the tour you will learn the importance of saving Hawaii's native flora, the importance of sustainability, and discover where some of our favorite fragrances come from. (typically Monday 1-3pm) Nature tour orchids
Wellness Services Presentation - Facilitator - Wellness Director, Michael Ceraso. Introduce your participants to the variety of healing resources Kalani has to offer. This brief presentation will highlight Lomilomi, Aquatic Bodywork, Traditional Thai Massage, and touch upon a variety of other modalities. Brief Bios of our wellness staff will also be available. Wellness Services Presentation
Volleyball - Join players from around the area. Wear sneakers for these aloha-style playoffs ranging from silly to sublime to serious. Most players are experienced, so show up on the lawn courts on time to practice, or come learn skills Sundays, 3:30 pm. (Games are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 4-6 pm.) Volleyball
Beach splash/swim - Driver - Richard Koob. Wear sneakers for the cliff-side path down to a gorgeous black sands beach. You might just want to soak up the sun and the beauty. The wave action can be wild, generally only for experienced ocean swimmers. Persons wishing to swim, understand it is completely at their own risk, and should have fins and mask (available for minimal fee at Guest Services.) (Generally daily, 11 am. Meet, or confirm time, at Guest Services.) Swimming

Over Kalani’s 30+ years we have developed a community of very talented teachers, artisans, and cultural experts in a diverse range of interests. For an additional fee, you can have these programs or services integrated into your workshop at a time that works for you. Many groups use these options to bring a special “Hawaiian flavor” to their program. In many cases they can even be custom designed to tie directly into the themes or content you are presenting. Contact your groups coordinator for more details.

Fee-based Options:

Cultural - Hawaiian:

Hula Class - Experience the beauty and power of this uniquely Hawaiian art form that combines storytelling with dance, chant, and music. Everyone from your group, beginners to experienced dancers are invited to learn about the hula, from its basic steps to a full hula dance by the end of this private session. Hula
Huna Healing Class - Facilitator - Stewart Blackburn. This special time is both an opportunity for individual healing and a class in using the Hawaiian shamanic arts as made popular by Serge Kahili King. Some recommended topics are: “The Extraordinary Power of Aloha”, “The Ancient and Modern Wisdom of Huna”, “Crafting Our Lives from a Shamanic Perspective”, “Self-Empowerment with Love”, “Healing from the Heart” and “The Team Approach to Body, Mind, and Spirit.” Many other possible topics are available. Huna Healing Class
Lei Making Class - Facilitator - Auntie Lynda or Auntie Dottie. Experience the art of authentic Hawaiian Lei making using fresh flowers and foliage. Learn more about Hawaiian culture and “talking story” as your group each creates their own Lei. Lei Making Class
Lauhala Weaving Class - Facilitator - Auntie Lynda. Learn the traditional Hawaiian art of lauhala weaving using materials (pandanus leaves) harvested from Kalani's own grounds. Beginners start with weaving a bracelet and progress to weaving fans, mats, baskets, and other pieces in subsequent sessions. Also enjoy chanting, talking story, and learning about Hawaiian culture. Lauhala Weaving Class

Special Touches:

Bonfire - Our team can build a campfire or bonfire to your specifications for ceremonies or events overlooking the ocean or in a private clearing. During dry weather there can be a fire ban instituted by the County of Hawaii, so this is not always possible. Check with your Groups Coordinator. Bonfire
Aquatic Bodywork Samples -  We offer a variety of types of Aquatic Bodywork in our  warm salt water therapy pool.  (Aqua-Veechi, Water-Dance, Watsu, Waterlomi).  Introductory samples are available to these amazing types of massage. Water massages are deeply relaxing and nurturing. Clients loose track of time and space and re-connect to the natural flow of life. Each participant will receive 15 minutes of water therapy from a professional therapist.  $15 per person/4 people minimum.   Lauhala Weaving Class
Opening/Closing Group Water Ceremony - Candles and lanterns surround the pool, and soft spiritual music fills the warm night air. Welcome to Kalani’s magical warm salt water pool for a private ceremony of your design. To facilitate group bonding and heart opening, participants are taught how to safely float each other in a nurturing and caring way, sharing from our most patient and soft selves. Closing Ceremonies facilitate group connection and completion, harmoniously celebrating the insights or lessons learned during the workshop.Minimum 6 people required. Opening/Closing Group Water Ceremony
Mayan Bath - Facilitator - Shola Ricco. Spiritual Bathing is a centuries old art of moving the elements of your body to reconnect you with the energy between Heaven and Mother Earth. It is a way to rid the body of a spiritual disease, unblock stagnant energy, increase awareness or clarity and remove obstacles that block the paths in one's life. You will experience a new revitalized and cleansed energy. Shola has studied with Rosita Arvigo who is a Mayan healer in Belize. Bath
Osho Meditation Techniques - Facilitator - Shola Ricco. Your group can experience, one or many of Osho's Meditation techniques. Each meditation takes about an hour to demonstrate and experience. They are suitable for all ages, temperaments, and levels of health and spiritual growth. Osho Meditation Techniques
Soul Hunting - Facilitator - Shola Ricco. Soul Hunting is a contemporary shamanic healing ritual that creates a bridge to one’s Power and Integrity. It explores our “soul dimension” and teaches us how to build a more unified and whole “self”. Participants are navigated through their inner spiritual world where the soul reveals deep stories that illuminate life situations and lead to a deeper wisdom. 2 hrs long. Soul Hunting

Hawaiian Tropical Flower Arrangements - Nature has made Hawaiian flowers absolutely beautiful, and we invite you to bring this beauty into your workshop sessions, special events, or accomodations.

Kalani offers beautiful flower arrangements in different sizes for workshop and individual special occasions. Our staff will arrange and deliver your tropical bouquet.

Share the feeling of aloha and the amazing energy of Hawaiian flowers with the ones you care for.


large arrangement medium arrangement small arrangement personal arrangement



Flower sizes and colors may vary according to seasonal availability.

Inquiries and Orders:

You may place your order by calling or emailing your group coordinator, or contacting the front desk.


Sunday Ecstatic Dance - Facilitated by various professional DJ’s each week. Join our community dance experience, a great space to express yourself and move your body. A conscious space of no-judgment free-form dancing, opening and closing circles, no talking in dance space. (Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm) Sunday Ecstatic Dance
Trance Dance Ritual - Facilitator - Shola Ricco. Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana - together stimulating a 'trance' state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. Trance Dance's primary focus is on healing and spiritual evolution. 2 hrs long. Trance Dance
Introduction to Aqua-Mouvance & SubDance -   Facilitator: Sylvie Gendron. Move like seaweed, swim like a fish and dance with others like in a dolphin’s pod. This class is designed for people who are comfortable underwater or at least willing to explore the underwater world. It allows you to fly, to move your body weightlessly without gravity! In a sacred and playful atmosphere, Sylvie will guide you and your group into different kinds of underwater exercises, first in solo, then with a partner, and finally in a group form. This class is offered in our warm salt water therapy pool.  $15 per person/ 6 people minimum. Underwater Dance
Spirit In Motion - Facilitator - Jaden Fox. A spiritually focused, movement centered program that uses dynamic music in a darkened-mood-lit space to invoke emotion and connection with one’s body & inner spirit. Topics such as: “Connecting with Inner Divine”, “Releasing Stuck Emotions”, “How to Dance with Fear”, “Set Yourself Free”, “Connecting with Spirit Totems”, or a custom topic for your group. 2-2.5hrs long Spirit In Motion
Drummers - Our community is blessed with a large group of highly skilled drummers who can be brought in to enhance processes, ceremonies or rituals you are doing. Drummers
Live Music/DJ’s - Looking to have a dance or celebration for your participants? Looking for live music to accompany a process or ceremony you are doing? The Kalani community has many talented musicians and DJ’s who are available to support the work you are doing. Live Music/DJ’s


Click here to read about our wide assortment of yoga classes.

Our extensive in-house yoga program offers numerous yoga classes each week, ranging from classical Hatha to relaxing restorative yoga to energizing Kundalini to strengthening Vinyasa flow yoga. Consult the “Community Arts Program Schedule” for weekly offerings or contact your Groups Coordinator for arranging a private yoga class just for your workshop. Our Yoga Facilitators are Dennis Dehler, jaRed Sam, Maxwell Starkhouse, Amma Hicks and Will Donnelly. 

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga is the most popular branch of Yoga, from which many yogic styles originate. Through the use of physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation we bring the body into perfect health and allow for the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind to emerge fully. This class is accessible to all levels, though it is recommended that students have a regular and ongoing yoga practice.
Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is a very gentle, approach to mostly seated and reclining postures. It explores the energetic body through principles of Meridian theory, which is also the foundation of the science of Acupuncture. This class is a wonderful beginning class for all levels, and is an excellent compliment to a more "yang" practice.
Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Through the precise science of mantras, postures, movement and breathing we awaken our highest potential to maintain health, vital bodies and to experience the ecstasy of Cosmic consciousness.
Restorative Yoga Restorative Yoga can be defined as "active relaxation." In a restorative class, we enter into poses (asanas) using a variety of props: blankets, straps, bolsters, chairs, tables, pillows, walls, and even other practitioners. Stress and tensions melt away and we experience balance from the inside out, moving us naturally toward overall peace and harmony.
Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga meaning "flow yoga", explores poses as sequences which connect and flow together in an uninterrupted wave of movements, initiated and carried out with the inhale and exhale of breath. This class is designed for more experienced practitioners, who ideally already have an ongoing yoga practice.
Tantra Yoga Tantra means weaving. In our sessions we weave together the physical body, the mind, our awareness, and our energy through breathing, stretches, meditation, Tandava (Tantric yoga dance), and partner exercises.
Kirtan Kirtan stems from one of the four paths of Yoga called Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion. During Kirtan we sing in a language called Sanskrit and we repeat the words or Mantras in beautiful and simple songs or chants. Chanting these ancient Sanskrit Mantras helps to quiet our minds and to feel the love and peace that exists within our hearts. We recommend Sita Devi and Craig Kohland. See their webpage here. 


Kalani is a Licensed Massage Establishment that has access to some of the most talented practitioners in Hawaii.

Click here to read more about Kalani's Massage and Wellness program.

Group Massage Special - Treat your participants to a massage as part of their retreat package. What better way to help them shake off any stress from travel and drop into the energy of aloha. They will be present and ready to dive deep into whatever work you are sharing. When booking for 10 or more participants receive a 10% discount. 20 or more participants a 20% discount. Group Massage Special
Introductory Massage/Bodywork Classes - Share the healing gift of touch with your participants by teaching them how they can share it with each other. In this 3-6 hour class your participants will receive an introduction to basic theories and techniques, then have an opportunity to practice on each other. Choose one of our healing bodywork modalities: Hawaiian Lomilomi, Aquatic Bodywork, Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, or the Raindrop aromatherapy Technique. Introductory Massage/Bodywork Classes
Water-massage class. Facilitator: Sylvie Gendron. This class is an exploration of what we can do with someone floating on the surface of the water. With care and compassion we rock, undulate, stretch, and provide deep relaxation and healing for that person. In this class you will have a chance to receive and give a water-massage, first using floats as in Aqua-Veechi and then without the floats as in Watsu. We are going to work as couples, and if time allows we will work in small groups and possibly explore underwater techniques.  90 minutes/ $15 per person / 6 people minimum. Warm Water Wave Therapy

Kalani Adventure Tours:

Let nature be your mirror and Kalani be your guide as you discover Hawaii's spectacular interplay of elements: lava fire, pristine waters, abundant gardens, tall mountains, and cool, scented tropical breezes. Discounts are available to groups of ten or more.

Click here to read more about Kalani's fun-filled Hawaiian Adventure Tours:

Kalani Adventures Picture 1 Kalani Adventures Picture 2 Kalani Adventures Picture 3

  • Half Day Trips:
    • MacKenzie Park Lava Tube, Malamaki and Shell Beach
    • Green Lake and Green Mountain
    • Kapoho Turtle Ponds 4WD Trek
    • Lava Tree State Park, Steam Vents and Coconut Beach
    • Ka Lua Wai a Pele and Pu`u Ha`e Ha`e
    • Kahuwai Village
    • Coconut Beach and Sunset Lava Trek

  • Extended Half Day Trips:
    • Puna Holoholo Adventure
    • Lava Ocean Adventures
    • Hilo Bay Sailing Adventure
    • Hilo Planetarium and Museums
    • Shipman’s Beach Lagoon
    • Hilo Waterfalls Adventure
    • Hawaiian Double Hull Canoe Adventure
    • Scuba Diving Adventure

  • Full Day Excursions:
    • World Botanical Gardens & Akaka Falls
    • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
    • Hilo Farmers Market, Bayfront and Beach

  • Extended Full Day 4WD Adventures (9.5 hours):
    • Waipi'o Valley 4WD Adventure
    • Green Sand Beach