Lead a Workshop

Group Program

Baron Baptiste training

As a workshop leader, our Group Program is an easy way for you to host an event with a group of ten people or more (for a minimum of two nights). You reserve rooms, meals and workspace, and confirm with a deposit.

We recommend that you plan your program as much in advance as possible, in order to assure availability of accommodations and meeting facilities.

Why Bring Your Group to Kalani?

What You Do

  • Commit to a minimum of ten participants
  • Promote your workshop
  • Register your participants
  • Enjoy and lead your workshop in a nurturing environment

What Kalani Does For You

  • Reserves your space and teaching facilities
  • Co-market your workshop with:
    • Free workshop listing on our printed brochure
    • Free workshop listing (and pictures) on our website (more than 27,000 visitors each month) including facilitator's information
    • Our website consistently places in the Top 10 on all major search engines (such as Google) for retreat and workshop related inquiries.

For more information, read our answers to Frequently Asked Questions, call one of our retreat managers at (800) 800-6886 or (808) 965-7828, or contact us online.

We are looking forward to adding you to our list of teachers who have joined our 'ohana.

the best part

The Best Part

...is how good you and your participants feel
after a stay at Kalani.

Here are some guest comments...

  • Delightful few days in paradise. Staff and volunteers do a GREAT job! Yoga & healing programs very professional.6/10/13

  • I came to Kalani to rest & recharge from a strenuous career. My accommodations were amazing, staff was warm & welcoming, and it was the unique Hawaiian experience I was hoping for. 6/4/13

  • This was an amazing & joyous experience. Thank you for bringing happiness to my life. 6/8/13

  • As always – you have an outstanding group of body workers at Kalani. They are very skilled, thoughtful, and talented. The grounds, gardens and paths are more beautiful than ever! 1/10/09

    guest comments
  • What a peaceful, Friendly place. Mahalo! Had I only known about this several years ago I could have volunteered and lived in Hawaii during my 1.5 years of unemployment. Maybe if that happens again I will! 1/30/09

  • Kimo the hula teacher was a great teacher and has the aloha spirit. Sarah Joy is the most loving person guiding through the watsu eternity.  Mahalo! 1/30/09

  • Massage rooms were tranquil with a pleasant breeze and Dennis was able to listen to my requests, meet them, and exceed my expectations.  It was a truly lovely and fully relaxing and releasing experience. MAHALO. 2/1/09

  • guest comments
  • This has been a wonderful opportunity.  All the people of Kalani are marvelous.  Thanks! 2/20/09

  • I am so grateful to be back at Kalani among all the wonderful variety of people.  I feel SO much love here! Mahalo for all you do and the space you hold here. Aloha! 2/20/09

  • Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. The food was excellent. Grounds beautiful.  Maybe I’ll come volunteer one day! 2/27/09

  • The location and the sounds of nature (birds, the rain, wind…) made me so relaxed.  That’s what we couldn’t get in our city. 3/4/09

  • Thanks for the tremendous hospitality – one of the most outstanding features, besides the land. 3/11/09

    guest comments
  • Thank you so much for the way you run this place – the office staff, the kitchen staff, the cleaning staff, the pool people (watsu!) – all of them are very outstanding in their willingness to serve. I feel so grateful to know Kalani through having experienced it now. Aloha and a hui hou! 3/16/09

  • My stay was excellent! The food was great! My compliments to the chef and staff! Thanks to Richard, Jared and Kimo for their delightful opening for our classes. Ehulani is pono. She is one of Kalani’s best assets. Thank you ehulani for your graciousness! My stay would not have been the same without you. Always hold your culture close and help outsiders to stay pono with the `aina. 3/23/09

    guest comments
  • It feels like the playfulness, the deep focus and especially the journey to connectedness that is Wassa Dance finds it fullest expression at Kalani, and it feels like the joyful spirit to Kalani finds its fullest expression in Wassa Dance. This dance retreat is meant to happen in this place, which is probably why the universe keeps opening to allow it to happen. Mahalo! 3/27/09

  • Once again my stay was wonderful, as are all the volunteers and staff.  Special mention to Marilyn and Martin as well as David and Betsy for making my stay so good and for making me want to come back again as soon as possible. Richard is as usual amazing and makes coming here to Kalani unforgettable. 3/29/09

  • Ice Cream is outstanding. Everyone that I had contact with was wonderful. 4/8/09

  • Thank you all for your kindness, openness, and willingness to look for solutions to all my little needs. Everybody just did more than they had to do. Thanks so much! Thank you so much for the nice talks when we passed each other. Thank you Ted and Omkar for helping me with the tent mat and giving me this nice guesthouseplace. Thank you Omkar and Betsey to help me to arrange a ride to Hilo for Merrie Monarch. Thank you Veronica to help me find the bus to the Waldorf school. Thank you Jennifer for taking me to some spcial places. Thanks you Sami for the blankets and your warm welcome you gave me. Thank you Deborah and Paul for all the nice moments when we were talking. Thank you Melina for our spiritual talks. Thank you Thackery for your smile and the laughing with you! Thank you all Kalani people that made my holiday like paradise! I hope I will come back! 4/17/09