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ʻOhana Month Kalani Staff & Volunteers Aug 4 - Sep 8
Medicine Dance - Mindful Movement Talking Story Fred Sugerman, Gary Glickman PhD, Stephan David Hewitt & Colleen Sugerman Aug 25 - Aug 31
Create a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle:
 Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique Carol P. Prentice, Michael Frederick,
Chase Bossart & Elizabeth Cunningham Bossart Aug 27 - Sep 1
LIVING IN BLISS ~ 8 Day Hawaii Retreat with Bentinho Massaro Bentinho Massarro Dec 14 - Dec 21
Wild Women Awakening: Release, Renew, Rejoice! Jill Walton, Christy Ceraso and Kristen Coyle Jan 2 - Jan 8
Couples in Paradise Retreat Joyce and Barry Vissell Feb 1 - Feb 8
Dreaming & Awakening Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D May 2 - May 10
A Yoga and Story Retreat in Hawaii Kimberly Dark Jun 8 - Jun 13
A Yoga and Story Retreat in Hawaii Kimberly Dark Dec 14 - Dec 19