Yoga Faculty

Hawaii is their island of choice, Kalani is their home and they will share their love for yoga with you.

Jared Owen Sam

Jared Sam

Jared is an avid hatha yoga student who first discovered his resonance with the practice twelve years ago through the classic Ashtanga tradition. He now teaches vinyasa yoga, linking the asanas into waves of continuous flow connected with the breath. His series of sequences are inspired by the primary and secondary series, and the traditional hatha practice.

Jared received his teaching certification in the fall of 2001 through Kalani's Yoga Teacher Training program, and his sequences have been most recently inspired through an intensive Teacher Training with world-renowned master yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Jared has been teaching multi-level classes (including yin, gentle, restorative and vinyasa flow) for more than eight years on the Big Island of Hawaii as well as in Portland, Oregon.

Jared believes that "yoga in its essence teaches us to listen to the wisdom of our own bodies". His gentle, warm approach to the asanas creates a safe, focused and intuitive class."


Will Donnelly

Will is a nationally recognized, certified yoga teacher. He has been a true pioneer in the field of yoga, and co-created and co-hosted the yoga–reality series Guru2Go, which debuted on fit TV, part of the Discovery family of channels (2004).

Will offers a profoundly energizing and healing form of yoga and meditation, and takes students on an inner journey like few others. Your body will be lifted, and so will your spirit! His classes are suitable for beginners to advanced. 

Will is Editor-in-Chief and senior producer for the (inter)national Yoga for Every Body newsletter, originally having partnered with (Waterfront Media) to offer practical and uplifting content to over 350,000 daily subscribers. Will has also partnered with AOL Diet Fitness to offer approachable, uplifting fitness workouts. 

Will is yoga-alliance certified (400 hours) both through YogaWorks™ & the Kundalini Research Institute™ (KRI), and has over 20 years experience practicing and teaching yoga & meditation. Will was the official yogi for the 2005 Cannes Film Festival (American Pavilion) in France, and has taught in other dynamic locations such as UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Cancer Center in Los Angeles, and from construction sites to dentist offices, to name just a few. 

Will now lives and teaches yoga classes and retreats at Kalani. 


Kimberly Dark

Kimberly Dark

Kimberly Dark has been teaching for the past six years and practicing for nearly 15 years. She apprenticed for two years with Sherry Henderson at The Heart of Yoga, an Iyengar-style studio in San Diego, where she continues to teach when she is on the mainland. This training helped her to develop asana modifications for a variety of body types. She also received teaching certification in 2002 through Kalani's Yoga Teacher Training Program and continues to be Kathy Elder's grateful student.

Kimberly believes that "yoga is for the body you have today. Not the body you had 10 years ago, or the one you wish you had! With diligence, the yoga student gains strength, balance, flexibility in the asana practice. Ultimately however, yoga brings dignity back into the body and allows us to connect mind body and spirit toward yoga's real goal: a cessation of the fluctuation of the mind and an ability to know peace."