Our Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy

Seek Your Own Path

Many centers throughout the world have a specific teaching which is taught or followed by the community. Kalani differentiates itself by creating a space for the exploration of the breadth of ideas available to us, under the founding tenets of nature, culture and wellness.
While Kalani encourages those who arrive to our campus to explore what may bring greater health and happiness, we do so in a way that is affirming of each person's ability to seek their own path. Here, you are invited to deepen your practice, as well as discover something new.

Serve Together in Community

The Hawaiian word for family, ʻohana, is ever-present at Kalani. By joining us as a guest, you are part of our ʻohana – whether for a week or a lifetime. We all come together to steward what Kalani has brought thousands of people over its 40 year history – an opportunity for rejuvenation and transformation.
While our staff and volunteers may serve Kalani in more defined ways, our visitors serve just by being a part of the experience, helping to fund our nonprofit programs, and bringing manaʻo (wisdom) to our campus. We invite you to share warmly and freely with those you meet. Please look for service opportunity postings while you are here - we welcome your participation in our thriving community.

Share your Wisdom with Others

Our philosophy is that there is strength in diversity of wisdom. You will find much diversity in the knowledge and skills that are shared on our campus; especially around the tables at our dining lanai. With more than twelve styles of yoga, more than 50 classes a week, and over 100 residential workshops yearly, there is much to be gained.
While you may feast on the abundance of our dining lanai, the buffet of ideas that is offered, as wisdom is shared among our guests, may have dishes you enjoy as well as those you don't particularly care for. We invite you to enjoy that which calls to you, and to leave behind that which doesn't resonate with you for those who are here to explore that very thing.
Through deep conversations, exploration of diverse ideas and active sharing with others, Kalani has a ripple effect on the world around us, as people return to their lives worldwide with new wisdom to apply and to share with their communities.