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Capital Campaign: Kalani ReNEW

At the ripe age of 41, Kalani Honua kicked off its own journey of transformation: a Renewal and Capital Fundraising Campaign that will enable Kalani to continue to serve tens of thousands of individuals on their journeys of transformation for years to come.



Kalani’s capital improvements over the next 10-30 years will include: a new kitchen and dining lanai, a new primary performance venue, and a “New Moon Room” — along with needed infrastructure improvements to bolster its aging 120-acre campus.

Kicking off with a “Sweetheart Dinner” on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, Kalani staff, alumni, and volunteers will begin the process of fundraising for our first project: the new kitchen and dining lanai. Additional events are planned throughout 2017 and 2018.

The Heart of Kalani

Kalani Honua means “harmony of heaven and earth,” and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in its dynamic kitchen and dining lanai environment — the heart and hearth of Kalani’s 120-acre educational retreat center. More than just a place to eat, the kitchen and dining lanai is the gathering place for community and connection.

Each day, visiting guests, volunteers, and staff fuel up for transformative experiences in nature, culture, and wellness. Participants join a wide array of on-site programs that include yoga teacher trainings, dance retreats, Hawaiian Culture presentations, permaculture workshops and much more. The magical combination of learning, connecting, and feasting on nature’s freshest bounty – prepared with love – brings heaven right down here to earth on the Puna Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island.

Kitchen Mission

In alignment with Kalani’s nonprofit mission to promote nature, culture, and wellness within sustainable, educational programs that honor Hawaii’s native and diverse heritage, the Kalani Kitchen strives to provide healthy, beautiful and delicious, sustainably-raised food to our guests, volunteers and the greater Puna Community. Our chefs firmly believe that the care and love invested in the cuisine is transmitted to the diner, and everything is prepared with aloha.

At its heart, Kalani cuisine honors the farm-to-fork movement, and celebrates the abundance of Hawaii by serving local tropical fruits, organic produce grown by local farmers, sustainably-caught local fish, grass-fed beef, lamb and pork raised on the Big Island, and local, organic pasture-raised poultry. Where local staples are not available, we strive to serve organic and GMO-Free products. We are committed to weaning off mainland products and replacing items not grown in Hawaii with locally-available alternatives. This creates opportunities for enhanced education of our dining audience, which we aim to achieve by introducing diners to what it means to really eat locally – a choice to honor the traditional foods of Hawaii and what grows well here.

Ready for ReNEWal

Kalani’s dining lanai has grown to become one of the Big Island’s largest commercial dining operations and purchasers. Located in “Hale 2” (pronounced HAH-LAY, meaning home), the dining lanai is one of Kalani’s original buildings, a 5-sided hexagonal structure intended to give visitors an “outside the box” experience. Hale 2 has been an integral part of Kalani’s history, having served not only as the home of the kitchen and dining lanai, but also as guest and volunteer lodging at different times throughout its history.

Kalani’s thriving food service operation has outgrown Hale 2’s capabilities, prompting the exciting journey of envisioning, planning, and manifesting our NEW kitchen and dining lanai.

Kitchen 2.0: The Vision

The vision for Kalani’s new Kitchen and Dining Lanai aims to incorporate: renewable energy sources, energy efficient and LEED certified design, permaculture design principles and integration, educational tools and classes, product development, and more.

A request for proposal (RFP) will be released in early 2017 so that we can source the most innovative design and architecture firms to help us bring our vision to fruition. Do you have a recommendation or referral for our project? Please contact us!

Support Our Project

Kalani’s Renewal and Capital Campaign will go on for the next several years to come — with the kitchen and dining lanai project being the first. Support our Capital Campaign to raise money for the NEW kitchen and dining lanai by making a tax-deductible donation today. If there are other ways you would like to support our Capital Campaign, please contact us.