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Kalani ReNEW

The world needs Kalani! Support Kalani ReNEW and empower us to continue serving tens of thousands of individuals on their journeys of transformation. Capital improvements kicking off in June 2017 include a renewed Kitchen and Dining Lanai.


Project: Kitchen 2.0

Kalani Honua means “harmony of heaven and earth,” and nowhere is this better embodied than at the Dining Lanai — the heart and hearth of our 120-acre educational retreat center. Here, visitors and staff fuel up for transformative experiences in nature, culture, and wellness.

Kitchen Mission

In alignment with Kalani’s nonprofit mission, the Kalani Kitchen strives to provide healthy, beautiful and delicious, sustainably-raised food. The care and love invested in the cuisine is transmitted to the diner, and everything is prepared with Aloha. Kalani cuisine honors the farm-to-fork movement, and celebrates the abundance of Hawaii by serving local tropical fruits, organic produce grown by local farmers, sustainably-caught local fish, grass-fed beef, lamb and pork raised on the Big Island, and local, organic pasture-raised poultry.

Kitchen Fundraising Goal: $200K

Kalani will break ground on upgrades to its Kitchen and Dining Lanai in June 2017, to include:

  • Replacement equipment (hood vents, commercial freezers, exhaust fans)
  • New equipment for value-added products (dehydrator, coconut processor)
  • Renewed tables and chairs
  • Sound system and setup to support special events and speaking engagements
  • Elevated lower Dining Lanai with roof coverage
  • Baking equipment for bread and baked goods production (proofers, retarders)
  • Commercial serving equipment (e.g. milk, beverage dispensers)

Support Our Project

If you love our food, help co-create a renewed Kitchen and Dining Lanai by making a tax-deductible donation today. If there are other ways you would like to support our ReNEW Campaign, please contact us.